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MetroPlan VPPP - Pricing Options Map - CQ


A: Creating and Mapping a Pricing Options: Double-click in the map to begin drawing red lines that show the approximate length or extent of a pricing option.

Corridor Projects: Use a line to represent an option that applies to a specific corridor (e.g. HOT lane or Freeway-only pricing). Begin by double-clicking one end of the pricing option extent and continue clicking along the corridor until you reach the spot where you want to end. When you’re finished, go on to Step 2.

Area Wide Projects: Continue drawing lines to create a shape that encloses the area of the pricing option. When you’re finished, go on to Step 2.

B: Once you start drawing, you cannot edit individual vertices. If you mess up, click on the link in the pop-up to "reset the map." If the pop-up is not visible, click on the red pushpin at the starting point of the line. That will reset that option only.

C: Option identification number: When the shape you have drawn approximately matches your conception of the pricing option, go to the comment box on the left and create the option identification number that will be used to identify this pricing option and will match the id number used on the survey. The ID will be your first and last initial and a number. For example: John Jones would put JJ1 for his first project, JJ2 for the second project, and so on. When finished, click the "Create Comment" link. It is not necessary to fill out your name and address in this window.

D: You can also add a comment about the option: comments are optional. You will already have given us plenty of information with the survey.

E: When done with the comment box, check your drawing/lines and check your id number and any comment you might have made. If everything looks right, click "Create Comment" at the bottom of the comments box: that will save your work on that option and allow you to start a new one.

Important: Once you click “Create Comment,” you will not be able to edit or delete your comment or map shape. Sorry, that’s a current limitation of the mapping software. If what you did is close enough, forget about it. If there is an important mistake that you want to change, start as if you were doing a new option, give it an ID# like “JJ4 Rvsd” and in the comment field note that this is the corrected version.

F: As you are working you can view a list of what you have done: click the "view List of Existing Comments" at the bottom of the Comment sidebar.

G: When done, just close the browser window: your work will be saved. You can go back to the map any time and add more locations.


For every option, we are asking Steering Committee members to do two things: (1) complete the map (per instructions above) and (2) complete an online survey. We recommend that you have the map and the survey opened at the same time in different windows of your web browser, and that you proceed option by option. For each option, start with either the map or the survey—there are arguments for starting with either; do what works best for you. The consultants will use Option ID numbers to associate the map information with the survey forms. Visit to provide more details about each pricing option you mapped here. To view a list of your pricing options, click the "View List of Existing Comments" link below.

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Having trouble viewing or using the map? Please contact Chris Russo at or at 407-373-1122 with your comments.