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Connect Fairbanks: FAST Planning Non-Motorized Plan Update

We need your input!

Fairbanks Area Surface Transportation (FAST) Planning with assistance from Kittelson & Associates, Inc., is updating a plan to improve non-motorized transportation for the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) area. The plan lays out the framework of a cohesive network of non-motorized routes for people walking and biking in the area.

Public involvement is a key component of this plan. The project team has used your input from Virtual Open House 1 to identify deficiencies in the existing system and create a draft plan of project recommendations for the Fairbanks area non-motorized transportation network. The draft plan, Connect Fairbanks, is located here.

We're looking for your input! If you live, work or travel in the area, we ask that you please share your input on the draft plan and project recommendations. Your unique experiences are critical to the success of the project. The comments we receive will help us to ensure that the project recommendations align with the public's needs.

The projects from the draft plan can be seen on the map to the right. Please take a look at these proposed projects and their implementation priority and let us know your comments. For general comments on the plan, please use the comment form on the FAST Planning project page.


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Zoom and pan the map to find the project you're looking for. Then, single-click on the project you'd like to comment on. A blue box will appear in the bottom-left corner of the page. Click "Add Comment" in the blue box to open a comment box and submit your comment. You may need to zoom out on your browser to see the blue box. You may also "like" previous comments to show your support.

You can toggle the existing system of bike facilities, paths, and sidewalks on and off by clicking on the layers in the green box on the right side of the page. The last layer toggled on will be placed on top of the other layers.