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District Five Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan - Level of Traffic Stress

This map displays both Bicycle and Pedestrian Levels of Traffic Stress for roads within FDOT District Five.

Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) refers to the stress that unprotected road users experience on roadways. It typically takes into account roadway characteristics such as number of lanes, posted speed, average daily traffic, and existing biking or walking facilities to determine a score ranging from one to four. LTS 1 roadways are comfortable for most people, including children, while LTS 4 roadways are uncomfortable for even experienced users.

Bicycle and Pedestrian LTS analyses provide a simple communication tool that can be used to understand which streets are most comfortable for vulnerable road users, and therefore, what streets should be prioritized for facility improvements. By assessing various roadway characteristics, LTS can help determine the minimum facility changes needed to reduce levels of stress on specific roadway segments, enabling the expansion of low-stress walking and biking networks.

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Pan around and review the LTS scoring. If you believe a roadway segment deserves a different scoring (for example, it should be designated as higher or lower stress) please comment by double clicking on the map area and then typing your comments in the window that appears in the upper left-hand corner. When possible, be specific as to why you are suggesting a different scoring and where you think this new score should start and end along that segment.