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FMATS 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan-- Draft Plan

The Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System (FMATS) is updating their Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), last adopted in 2015, to improve the system and conform to state and federal requirements. Over the past 1.5 years, FMATS has looked at the current transportation conditions and needs, the predicted 2045 conditions, and come up with a plan to improve the system.

FMATS now has a draft plan, which is currently open for public comment. If you walk, drive, bike, or ride the bus, this plan has something for you! Find the plan here.

The projects from the draft plan can be seen on the map to the right. Please take a look at these proposed projects and let us know your comments. Are these the projects that we should implement over the next 27 years in the FMATS area? Is their proposed timeframe appropriate?

The project timeframes are as follows:

Map Legend

Read and comment on the full plan here

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