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La Pine Transportation System Plan

An update to the City's Transportation System Plan is being prepared by the City of La PIne with support from Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

Public involvement is a key component of this plan. If you live, work or travel in the area, please use the map at right to tell us about your experience with the existing roadway, walking, bicycling, and transit systems. Simply double-click on locations of interest and then add your comments.

Feedback we are looking for generally relates to your experience when traveling and how we can improve the roadway, bike, pedestrian, and transit network. For example, if you have suggestions for where to provide new walking routes or which intersections need safety improvements, please note those.

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Having trouble viewing or using the map? Please contact Matt Kittelson at with your comments.


Zoom and pan the map to find the location you're looking for. Then, double-click on the location to mark it!