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Downtown Lexington Traffic Movement and Revitalization Study

Please use the map below to tell us about your concerns. Examples include locations where it is difficult or dangerous to cross the street, roads where you feel uncomfortable walking or biking, intersections with significant congestion issues, places where you have experienced “near misses”, or driveways where cars don’t always look for pedestrians. How will the potential conversion of some one-way streets to two-way affect your daily life?

These are just examples to get you thinking, but we hope to hear about any challenges for users of the downtown network of streets. Our current study area is the main downtown area, specifically the one-way streets sections of Main Street-Vine Street, High Street-Maxwell Street, Short Street-Second Street, and Upper Street-Limestone Street. Our current study area is roughly the area inside the boundary shown on the map. Please comment on only those issues which occur within the boundaries. Please be as specific as possible, as this will help us to better understand your concerns.

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