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Multnomah County Comp Plan Update - Bicycle Plan

This map shows two proposed types of bicycle route designations for Multnomah County roadways - Bikeways and Shared Roadways.

Proposed Bikeways (in red) are designated bike routes that may have bike lanes, shoulder bike ways, or simply uphill climbing lanes, intermittent shoulders in low visibility areas, or bike pull-out areas. Bikeways tend to be on roadways with higher speeds and traffic volumes than where a shared roadway would be appropriate in both directions for the entire length of the roadway.

Proposed Shared Roadways (in blue) are designated bike routes that could have signage indicating a bike route; bicyclist share the lane with vehicles on shared roadways. Shared roadways are common on neighborhood streets and on low volume rural roads and highways and may, or may not, include “sharrows” (pavement marking that indicate the shared use of the roadway).

Proposed Off-Street Bikeways (bright green) are proposed multi-use paths. Existing multi-use paths are shown in dark green. Many of these are outside of the study area, but are shown to provide context.

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Please look at the bicycle route designations. Do you agree with the designated bikeways, shared routes, and non-designated routes?

Please click on a route, then click on "Add Comment" and type in the box on the left side of the screen to provide your input. Double left click anywhere on the map to leave a comment on a non-designated route.

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