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University of Alaska Fairbanks Bicyclist Safety Proposal

The UAF Green Bike Program is working on a proposal to improve bicyclists’ safety and ease while riding on campus. The proposal will be presented to the UAF Master Planning Committee to become part of their plan for future UAF improvement. Green Bikes works to promote bicycle use on campus and with that, the program must also promote safety. This proposal will offer solutions to make UAF safer and more accessible to bicyclists in every season.

Green Bikes recognizes that public input is paramount to creating a complete and effective proposal. Please use this interactive map to highlight spots that endanger or pose a particular challenge to bicyclists. The map is now closed for comments.You may still view the comments provided on the map. Thank you to those that input their thoughts!

A few guiding questions for highlighting trouble areas:

  1. What areas concern you as a bicyclist on campus? Why? How might UAF improve these areas?
  2. As a motor vehicle driver, have you ever come into contact with bicyclists being forced into the road or off designated pathways? Where?
  3. How might UAF better connect its buildings or improve bike-friendly paths?
  4. Does UAF maintain its current bike paths to your liking? How might UAF alter its practices to better cater to safe riding?

Please limit your comments to the UAF campus only and be as specific as possible.

For more information about the Green Bike program, visit our website at

This interactive online map was created and provided by Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

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Having trouble viewing or using the map? Please contact Green Bikes at or call 474-6027. with your comments.