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US 17-92 CIP: Phase 1

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Project Description

In an effort to maximize the effectiveness of existing corridors and recognize changing local conditions, the Volusia TPO (VTPO) has undertaken a series of corridor implementation studies that will provide an assessment of some of our primary transportation corridors. As part of this effort, the VTPO, Volusia County, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Votran, and all the jurisdictions along the US 17-92 corridor have worked together on the collection and analysis of all transportation studies previously undertaken on US 17/92 from the Seminole County line to Putnam County line.

The Corridor Improvement Program (CIP) Assessment of US 17/92 provides for a comprehensive database of the approved and adopted studies or plans undertaken for the corridor. These transportation studies include work directed toward vehicular improvements; transit; bicycle and pedestrian; and landscaping and streetscaping elements. The SunRail system is included as part of the transit component of the study. Land use studies/plans were reviewed with respect to infrastructure recommendations and projects that had a direct influence on the transportation function within this corridor. This study was designed to be a planning tool provided to summarize existing approved plans, studies and projects.

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