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Airport Road & Main Street Transportation Study

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) is kicking off a transportation study for the Airport Road and Main Street intersection. This study will investigate transportation alternatives to improve operations and safety for all users in the study area. This project consists of two phases: Phase 1 is the transportation study to identify the proposed project for design and construction. Phase 2 would include design and construction of the project.

Public input is a key component of this project. We want to know more about your experience with driving, walking, bicycling, transit, and/or other mode in the study area. Please use the comment tool to share your experience and provide input on the current needs and deficiencies for the study area’s transportation system. Your input is valuable and will be used to help identify what issues the transportation study should address. Thank you for your thoughts!


To provide a comment, double click on a location(s) of interest, select a category (congestion, pedestrian, bicycle, safety) and then add your comment. You can see other comments that have been input by placing your cursor over the pins.

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