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Allston-Brighton Mobility Study

BPDA logo The Allston and Brighton neighborhoods have recently experienced significant growth in new development. While this growth adds economic opportunity and vibrancy, it also raises questions and concerns about how the existing and future multi-modal network will accommodate new development. To address these concerns, the Allston-Brighton Mobility Study will fully assess existing conditions while analyzing the impacts of pending and approved (but not yet built) development in Allston-Brighton in order to identify strategies to improve the transportation network—streets, bike infrastructure, sidewalks, transit, parking—and mitigate the impacts of development. Building on past studies, the primary goal of the Allston-Brighton Mobility Study will be to identify and develop an actionable “menu” of options to improve mobility, safety for all modes, and quality of life for the Allston-Brighton neighborhood. These items will form the basis for future development mitigation and transportation investments for the Allston-Brighton neighborhood.

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