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Allston-Brighton Mobility Study

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Learn about the Work Plan to analyze potential mobility improvements in Allston-Brighton.

For the past several months, the study team has been engaging with the Allston-Brighton community to determine priority areas for mobility improvements. From these conversations, the study team identified a list of mobility improvement options at different locations throughout Allston-Brighton and developed a Work Plan for modeling and analyzing them. Click on the icons on the map for a summary of the Work Plan.

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  1. Corridor Analysis - a comprehensive review of transportation conditions along a stretch of street and sidewalks
  2. Targeted Analysis - a focused review of transportation conditions at a square, intersection, or focused geographic location
  3. Placemaking - transforming public space to create places people can enjoy
  4. Parking Utilization - measuring how parking spaces are used across the day
  5. Curbside Management - understanding how parking, loading, and other spaces next to the curb are used
  6. Sight Distance - measuring the visibility of traffic conflicts at an intersection or driveway
  7. Traffic Calming - designing streets to discourage speeding


  1. Soldiers Field Road - targeted analysis focused on improving pedestrian and bicycle connectivity across Soldiers Field Road
  2. New Transit Connections - transit analysis focused on identifying possible new services for underserved neighborhoods
  3. Transit Enforcement - analysis focused on identifying locations to pilot automated enforcement for bus stops and transit lanes
  4. Transit Passenger Information - analysis focused on identifying locations to pilot enhanced customer information
  5. Shuttle Strategy - analysis focused on developing a strategy for a publicly accessible shuttle network
  6. Electric Bus Charging Station - analysis to identify location(s) for charging future electric bus fleet

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To view or print a copy of the analysis being performed, click the "Work Plan" link.

For additional information on the potential transportation improvements that may be proposed at each location, click the "Toolbox" link.

Once the analysis in the Work Plan has been completed, the study team will present the results to the public. To stay involved, receive updates, or provide comments fill out the form or email us at