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Baltimore City Bicycle Grate Hazards

As the City of Baltimore strives to become a better place to bike, the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee is soliciting local riders on locations of unsafe storm grates for bicycles. Please use the map to identify locations where unsafe storm grates are installed. Zoom in as close as you can to pin-point exactly where the storm grate is located, and then enter a brief description of the location

Unsafe storm grates have slots running parallel to bicycle travel, in which a cyclist's tire can get stuck, launching the rider over the handle bars. Installing the grates so that they run perpendicular to the direction of travel helps protect cyclists. Some grates are designed with a criss-cross pattern to make them safe for travel in all directions.

The City will use this information to conduct repairs and prioritize repaving.

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Zoom and pan the map to find the location you're looking for. Then, double-click on the location to mark it!