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2014 Billings Urban Area Long Range Transportation Plan - DRAFT Recommended Projects

The Yellowstone County Board of Planning (YCBP) desires to have their Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) updated for the the Billings Urban Area. This LRTP will serve as an update to the 2009 plan and is important to conform to state, local, and federal requirements. The plan will help shape the community's long range transportation system.

Public involvement is a key component of the LRTP update. We are looking for your input on the priority projects for the plan, as well as if we are missing any projects. If you live, work, or travel in the area, please use the map to the right to comment on the DRAFT Recommended Projects.

Instructions for Providing a Comment

To provide a general comment, double click over the area of the map you would like to tell us about then simply type in your comment. You can see other comments that have been posted by placing your cursor over the pins.

To provide a project specific comment, use the interactive list (Layers) to the right of the map to toggle projects 'on' or 'off'. You can click on a specific project on the map and a description of the project will be provided in the bottom right corner of the map. Click "Add a Comment" and you can provide a specific comment for this project and identify the project priority (low, medium, high).

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Having trouble viewing or using the map? Please contact Ryan Whitney at with your comments.