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Corridor Improvement Program (CIP) Phase I — Assessment of US 1/SR5 MAP, created March 2012

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In an effort to maximize the effectiveness of existing corridors and recognize changing local conditions, the Volusia TPO (VTPO) has implemented a series of corridor implementation studies that will provide an assessment of some of our primary transportation corridors. The VTPO, in partnership with Volusia County, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Votran, and all the jurisdictions along the corridor have worked together on a collection and analysis of all transportation studies previously undertaken on US 1/SR5 from the Brevard County line to I-95 in Ormond Beach.

The assessment was undertaken with an eye towards identifying plans and projects that impact multi-modal mobility along US 1, including vehicular, transit, and pedestrian/bicycling plans and other projects. Projects were identified by themes and a GIS database was utilized to understand how all of these projects fit together, complement each other, or conflicted with each other. The database is a planning tool for efforts such as; coordinating corridor-wide plans, evaluating project support & goals of the community, leveraging of funds, identifying priorities and potential gaps in the system and pursuing coordinated strategies to help improve the safety and effectiveness of the US 1/SR 5 corridor from the Brevard County line to I-95 in Ormond Beach.

For a copy of the report, click here.



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