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Intersection Bicycle Design Elements

As part of the NCHRP 15-73 project proposal, we would like to demonstrate Kittelson's wide-ranging knowledge of where bicycle design elements are present at intersections. This will help us identify locations for field data collection.

This is not limited to projects Kittelson has worked on, so please include any intersections you have encountered across the US.

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  1. Drop a pin for each municipality where you know of an intersection with bicycle design elements

  2. Leave a comment with the name of the municipality and elements used. (see list below for examples)

To avoid onerous data entry, we do not need each individual intersection identified.

Common elements are listed below, but feel free to identify other treatments as well:

• Bike lanes • Exclusive turn lanes • Marked/dashed bike lane/bike travel path through intersections • Colored pavement for bike travel paths through intersections • Separate stop bar locations for motor vehicles and bicycles • Bike boxes • Alternative methods to accommodate bicycle left-turns • Bicycle signal-heads with accompanying bicycle specific signal phasing • Physical separation of bicycle facilities