Comments for “DBIP - PIM 2 Parking Impacts”

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    Added June 26 2013

    Eliminates parking on south side of Jefferson, which impacts negatively a private residence w/ no other parking option. Eliminates parking for business (Jefferson St Councelling Center). Eliminates parking for 2 apartment buildings. All this between 16th & 15th on Jefferson. Biking should not jeopardize a private residence w/ 1 care only parking at their home. Stay as is please. 2 way conversion is too dangerous for bikers & pedestrians at 16th & Jefferson. A REAL solution: make the core of downtown biking only w/ access shuttles (a street car which originally was on the Jefferson corridor) biking, etc. Reserve/keep parking for residence who live on the street.

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    Added June 26 2013

    Happily lose parking for 2 way\ 1 lane each way\ w/ bike lanes. * Parking should not compromise bike facility implementation.

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    Added June 26 2013

    We need less parking/more bikes. Make more parking available at the end of the connector & encourage walking. There are no cars at Disney & people love it!

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    Added June 26 2013

    I support replacing parking with bike facilities - this begins a change of habit-thought-activity. Difficult adjustment but vital to improving overal transportation system

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    Added June 26 2013

    Since there's a new parking garage at the corner of 13th & Jefferson, there's ample parking to make up for the parking lost along the street.