Comments for “Downtown Boise Bike Survey - KAI Interns Workshop”

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  1. Stringio

    Added June 22 2015


  2. Stringio

    Added July 29 2014

    Great place to live life on the edge. And by live life on the edge I mean get very very close to passing vehicles.

  3. Stringio

    Added July 29 2014

    Franklin's lack of sidewalks and shoulder space makes for poor bicycle conditions

  4. Open-uri20140729-17885-1dtnn0d?1406661873

    Added July 29 2014


    Need better southwestbound bicycle merging-existing creates pedestrian or vehicular conflict.

  5. Open-uri20140729-17885-k22u3z?1406661708

    Added July 29 2014

    I would like more north-south connections in the east side of the study area. Connection to the Discovery Center or even to the Zoo would be great!

  6. Open-uri20140729-17885-1oh25k5?1406661553

    Added July 29 2014

    Continue bike lanes on one way couplet

  7. Open-uri20140729-17885-vy6mid?1406661528

    Added July 29 2014

    Should continue bike lanes on one way couplet.

  8. Stringio

    Added July 29 2014

    Need to provide better crossing and access to the rest of the bicycle network.

  9. Open-uri20140729-17885-1numsm3?1406659158

    Added July 29 2014


    In need of bike connections to this end of the study area (no access to Courthouse, Noble Park etc.)

  10. Stringio

    Added July 29 2014


    Connection to NW portion of bike plan and to park/green space.

  11. Stringio

    Added July 29 2014

    The entire bike network doesn't seem to be connected?

  12. Open-uri20140728-20645-i793je?1406585810

    Added July 28 2014

    Capitol NEEDS a bike lane!

  13. Stringio

    Added July 28 2014


    This bike lane is too narrow