Comments for “South County Corridor Feasibility Study”

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  1. Open-uri20150429-3800-seuvj2?1430351831

    Added April 29 2015

    This route ties goes past the Crows Landing Air Field, which will be developed. It ties into Crowslanding Road which already has heavy traffic from the Modesto area. It follows Bradbury out to Highway 99 which has an already developed overpass. It connects just outside the county line on 99.

  2. Stringio

    Added February 26 2015

    This alignment would be problematic for the following reasons: 1. It travels down Lemon Ave. and multiple homes would be involved, and 2. It continues across HWY 33, bisecting young producing orchards creating islands of acreage difficult to farm. Route to the south of Patterson seems to make more sense.

  3. Open-uri20150208-25283-1jfxu0h?1423415134

    Added February 08 2015

    I propose a rout from the Del Purto creek area to Rodgers road to Highway 33 from there to Keys road.
    This rout is all rural keys road has a good interchange with Highway 99.
    The Idea is in the future Highway 237 in San Jose could tie in to Del Purto Canyon road. for a tie to San Jose to Yosemite. There is an existing road in this area but it goes to Mt Hamilton Observatory not in the low canyons like it could.
    Keys road could be a gateway for all of Stanislaus County to Yosemite. Highway 132 now goes through Modesto on city streets and is slow with no hope of developing into a freeway through Modesto. Keys road is in a central location with the least development around the road and could cheaply and easily be upgraded to a freeway from the bay area to Yosemite.
    Highway 132 goes to Coulterville then stops instead it could go to crane flat in Yosemite through the old Coulterville Yosemite road. This rout would save people from going up the windy thunderous Priest grade (over 100 turns) that no one least tour busses want to traverse.
    My propased rout could tie in with a proposed perimeter road around Modesto. A road that ties in with Highway 99 at either Jack tone road or Hammett road and go due south to Keys road at Shiloh Rd making up the west Modesto perimeter road tieing in to the south corridor rd.
    The South county Corridor Road should tie in to a county wide grid system to streamline traffic flow.
    any time there is a freeway going through a populated area there should be a frontage road to take care of local traffic so traffic doesn't congest on the freeway. There should be a frontage road along interstate 5 in the Patterson area north and south of the new corridor tieing in to the next exits for local traffic.

  4. Stringio

    Added January 30 2015

    This route uses existing exits on 5 and 99. It cuts through very low development/population areas. This would disturb existing roads, housing, and businesses a lesser amount than the other routes. I believe this route reduces construction costs.

  5. Stringio

    Added January 28 2015

    From all appearances, truck traffic between I-5 & Hwy 99 would be best served with a combination of alternative routes A and B. This seems to be a best solution to relieve a great deal of heavy traffic pressure on the Crows Landing, Grayson Corridor and Hwy 132. Although there could be the consideration to make all of route B a trucks only corridor and relieve heavy truck traffic from all other existing and proposed corridors.

  6. Stringio

    Added January 20 2015

    Replaces lower alignment as it was an error.

  7. Open-uri20150120-26656-1hesmdn?1421780877

    Added January 20 2015

    Under this scenario, northbound traffic on I5 has access to Modesto, Ceres and Turlock; as well as providing those cities better access to southbound I5. It links those communities to future Crows Landing industrial/business park. It provides better access to south bay Area and the Monterey/Carmel area. It can somewhat stay within RoW corridors through widening.

  8. Open-uri20150120-26656-u3xk44?1421773721

    Added January 20 2015

    This is the quasi-corridor that many from Turlock use to get to I-5. I spoke to Keith regarding this at the Turlock meeting.

  9. Stringio

    Added January 19 2015

    New alignment

  10. Stringio

    Added January 19 2015

    Too much traffic