Comments for “Multnomah County Comprehensive Plan Update - Proposed Transportation Projects”

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  1. Stringio

    Added September 30 2015

    There is a well used Elk Crossing here that is incredibly dangerous as it is in the middle of blind curves in either direction (Please see the "erosion" on the uphill side of the crossing where the elk have cut a well worn "path" in the hillside. Please, please place elk crossing signs in both directions on the blind curves. They have a tendency to cross here during commute time around 7 AM especially in the fall - I know I and at least one additional neighbor have come close to hitting one before we were aware of the crossing.

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  2. Stringio

    Added September 30 2015

    Germantown Road

    As a resident of Old Germantown Rd, I think shoulders should be added from lower intersection of Germantown/Old Germantown Rd to Kaiser and from upper intersection of Germantown/Old Germantown to Skyline for bike safety as the number of bikes using Old Germantown is often >100 per day. I think the shoulders should not be added to the rest of Germantown Rd between the 2 Old Germantown/Germantown Rd intersections as it would encourage more bikes to use Germantown Rd - I think it is safer for them to use Old Germantown Rd. Also, I think it is a critically needed safety upgrade to include a speed bump on the uphill Rd approaching Old Germantown Rd intersection on Germantown Rd (upper intersection) near Skyline. This is an incredibly dangerous intersection - I fear for my life every time I take a left turn onto Old Germantown coming down the hill from Skyline as it is very easy for cars unfamiliar with the intersection to accelerate to up to 60 mi/hr around the blind curve. A schoolbus had this very accident several years ago. This speed bump is only necessary in the uphill direction and is counter-productive in the downhill direction as there are no houses here. Another safety proposal that has been suggested here - a convex mirror for cars coming uphill on Old Germantown Rd may be useful for cars taking a left hand turn onto Germantown Rd but the speed bump would probably take care of any issues there as well and probably make the mirror unnecessary - the mirror is not useful for cars merging onto Germantown Rd going towards Skyline as vehicles will generally roll slowly and determine whether to stop or accelerate depending on their view of traffic coming up the hill on Germantown Rd.

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  3. Stringio

    Added September 18 2015

    Northern Burlington Cornelius Pass Rail Trail


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  4. Stringio

    Added September 09 2015

    Laidlaw Road

    A good portion of this road is now inside Washington County. Not sure if that portion is even eligible to be a project?

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