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  1. Stringio

    Added December 10 2017

    This intersection is so dangerous. The visibility is not up to par. You cannot get a good view of 213 traffic in either direction when crossing Toliver or making a turn. Not only the brush but the very deep ditches and sunken grade at corners make this a terrifying experience. Wish there was a way to continue Molalla Forest Road from Toliver on through to either 211 or possibly behind Safeway where dental office is located. May help to take a lot of left turns from off of Toliver south onto 213. Since many are going to Safeway, McDonalds, etc.

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  2. Stringio

    Added December 06 2017

    When this Property was Purchased in 1996 we had been told That this would be the corridor to the Molalla river. We became light industrial in appx. 2003 (15 years ago) with a program developed to create side walks bicycle lanes, walking paths. Where did The S Molalla Forest rd. Plans go ? We continue to develop all these plans which are huge cost but are never followed through.

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  3. Stringio

    Added November 30 2017

    There needs to be a crosswalk with blinking lights right at the Stone place apartments. Way too many kids out there trying to cross in the dark.

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  4. Stringio

    Added November 30 2017

    This road is supposed to be 25mph. Trucks and cars are constantly speeding through here. Families live on this street - with young children. The truck route needs to go straight down main street to the light at HWY 211 & 213. A median or speed bumps would help.

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