Comments for “Chiloquin Community Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan”

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  1. Stringio

    Added May 23 2018

    I think shelters with benches would five elderly a place to stop and sit, young a place to wait for the bus and bikers a place to lock up bikes. Put one at each stopping point. As residents to contribute front yards. could add an exercise plaque with circuit training...

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  2. Stringio

    Added May 14 2018

    I am a Chiloquin resident very interested in this program. I feel that the main streets and residential streets all need sidewalks to keep our children and elders safe.
    I also feel there is a great need for a city park with river access. I know of a great location for this: There is a trail (not developed) behind the tribal office bldg and the assisted living facility. I feel that, if possible, this is the perfect site for a city park. It is so beautiful with many birds to listen to and observe. The trail needs work and some benches and garbage containers need to be placed. Maybe a covered area and picnic tables could be added.
    Please keep me informed and let me know what I may be able to do to help.

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  3. Stringio

    Added May 14 2018

    Crossing between the Tribal Administration building and the Childcare Center

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