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  1. Stringio

    Added March 08 2021

    It appears the preposed trail is planned to run through our private property. The last time the City proposed a trail our property was designated as part of the trail, without anyone ever talkiing to us. I would like to talk to Fred for clarification. Additionally, the proposed trail does not appear to address issues of wildlife, creek erosion, vegitation, flooding and reserved natural areas.

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  2. Stringio

    Added March 07 2021

    First - this map does not match the trail shown in Figure 6 in Tech memo #6. Which is correct? This map shows the trail all the way to 16th, but Tech memo shows it stopping just west of the city's lagoons.

    There are several concerns about adding a new trail along Ash Creek including 1) impacts / access to private property, 2) impacts to the streamside vegetation that the city has committed to protect as part of its TMDL Implementation plan, 3) impacts to wildlife that depend on this corridor. Adding a trail and disturbing vegetation will also exacerbate the existing problems of flooding and erosion along Ash Creek.

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  3. Stringio

    Added March 02 2021

    It would be great to have a bridge and path onto and through the island on the east side of the oxbow that connected to the southern river path, kind of a loop around the oxbow.

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  4. Stringio

    Added March 01 2021

    The proposed trail along Ash Creek has many things wrong with it. The Friends of Ash Creek fought it for years, and finally Monmouth dropped it, and Independence decided it was too expensive. Too many bridges, 10' side sidewalk, not a trail. Supposedly the 2020 future felt it was ok, but nobody actually supported it.

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  5. Stringio

    Added February 27 2021

    This path needs to connect to the trails to the west along S. Ash Creek. And it needs to be wide enough to accommodate strollers, walkers, young kids on bikes. Not just a sidewalk like the portion that goes east and south.

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  6. Stringio

    Added February 27 2021

    Where does one go from the north end of Inspiration Garden? or from 13th Street? not a lot of connectivity!
    The path south, through Inspiration Garden, through the "green" corridor and on to regular sidewalks to Chestnut and then south on 6th or 7th Streets is not very pleasant south of Chestnut. What happened to a nice wide path for bicycles, strollers and walkers south that would connect around the city? What about connecting from Chestnut west to the trail along Ash Creek? That should be a priority if you want to enhance walkability and liveability.

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