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  1. Stringio

    Added May 20 2011

    We live just around the corner from our school- easy walk or bike route on neighborhood streets.

    We go to Queen Anne Elementary, not Laurelhurst or Bryant.

  2. Stringio

    Added May 19 2011

    Bike route to Queen Anne Elementary

  3. Open-uri20130717-27835-aajndg?1374051835

    Added May 06 2011

    This route is mostly flat and joins up with an existing walking school bus route.

  4. Open-uri20130717-27835-gc8k3f?1374051835

    Added May 06 2011

    Hilly but short

  5. Open-uri20130717-27835-4b8epu?1374051835

    Added May 05 2011

    25th & 75th are too fast and too busy for children to ride bikes on, leaving only side streets. The large hill from 25th to 33rd is intimidating and too steep for kids to ride up. Neighborhood streets and sidewalks are the only way to get there.

  6. Open-uri20130717-27835-1e92h67?1374051835

    Added May 05 2011

    We have a lot of up and down and stick to neighborhood streets. 68th has been a good cross over b/c it goes all the way through. Flashing light & flag at 25th (marked) crosswalk. Also, several traffic circles calm traffic. Person @ 65th marked&stoplight cross usually stays in intersection until we make it to 33rd.

  7. Open-uri20130717-27835-173tu2u?1374051835

    Added May 05 2011

    We ride sidewalk on 75th from19th up the hill to 30th. We hate this route because it is on a busy street and straight uphill but don't know a better way.

  8. Stringio

    Added May 05 2011

    Parked cars lining the narrow streets make it difficult drivers exiting driveways to see bikers on the street or sidewalks, especially the kids on bikes who don't sit as high.

  9. Stringio

    Added May 05 2011

    It's all up a steep hill to school so our son is too young to ride it.

  10. Stringio

    Added May 04 2011

    We just walk, b/c we live so close to the school.

  11. Open-uri20160721-23487-7aj86g?1469089706

    Added May 02 2011

    Start 97th & Lake Shore Blvd
    Burke Gilman to dirt trail on left before Princeton bridge
    Sandpoint Way sidewalk then cross at Princeton Bridge
    Ride in front of commercial area
    Left up 47th sidewalk, crosse at top of hill
    Ride 46th to school

  12. Stringio

    Added April 26 2011

    Very steep hill - difficult to ride up or down. No easy flat way to get to school on a bike.

  13. Open-uri20130717-27835-92zotn?1374051836

    Added April 18 2011

    This is my bike route to UW. There are bike lanes most of the way, and I also ride on the Burke-Gilman Trail.

  14. Open-uri20160721-23487-nj1hkn?1469089706

    Added December 07 2010

    this route balances distance and total elevation gain/loss.