Comments for “Norwalk Bike Master Plan (BAC)”

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  1. Stringio

    Added February 19 2021

    Metropolitan State Hospital

  2. Stringio

    Added February 19 2021

    I work at Metropolitan State Hospital and I live in Whittier, and my comment is on the path in between, so that's not on your map, but I thought I'd submit it anyway.
    I have explored the various street options, and none is safe and rideable all the way through.
    I avoid Santa Fe Springs/Bloomfield and Florence because of the railroad undercrossing slopes, which are not kept up and full of glass. And I avoid Painter/Carmenita because it lacks marked bike paths and has fast-moving heavy traffic.

    That leaves Greenleaf/Shoemaker and Lakeland. Both have on-grade railroad crossings, which is better, and for most of the trip there are marked bike paths. But there are sections of Shoemaker through the industrial districts where the bike path disappears, the road narrows, and the traffic is big trucks going fast. So I go up onto the sidewalk. I have no other safe choice, even though it's not legal. There isn't another option to get where I'm going.

    If you are not the right governmental entity for me to register this complaint with I'd appreciate learning who is. Thanks for working on this!