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  1. Stringio

    Added January 25 2011

    cross walk is very dangerous. Even with the right of way given by the crosswalk to cyclists and pedestrians, cars make right turns on red without realizing that there are people crossing the crosswalk. I've have almost been hit several times, with a "walk" sign. There should be a no right turn on right sign.

  2. Stringio

    Added January 25 2011

    parts of this roadway has little or no shoulder which makes riding a bike extremely dangerous, and for a car to pass, this is dangerous as well.

  3. Stringio

    Added January 25 2011

    There needs to be wider shoulders on this stretch of highway. too many blind curves that make it difficult for even a car to see traffic. Also mirrors to assist with cars so they can see traffic. this is common in europe with very curvy roads.

  4. Stringio

    Added January 24 2011

    Please develop standards for private roads and access streets that are specific to lot access only and so that variances are not needed.

  5. Stringio

    Added January 23 2011

    I think that the plan needs to focus on coordinating with land use and existing infrastructure (not just transportation, but also water, sewer, power, gas, etc.) in a holistic manner so that the community's existing resources are efficiently used.

    This document should be part of a comprehensive plan for the urban area. That is the best outcome for the tax payers and the community's future. For example: areas with existing infrastructure that are appropriate for industrial use should not be re-zoned for other uses. The transportation plan should examine existing plans for the City, South Suburban SD, and other utility providers to focus resources on where job-producing industries can be located.

    In addition, I believe that there has been too much of a focus in the past on automobile transportation. Our community ranks at the bottom of the state for overall health and greater than 30% of our citizens are obese or overweight. The health of our community depends on infrastructure that makes active-healthy lifestyles easier rather than more difficult. I understand that resources are limited to provide new access for bicycles or pedestrians, but our community has many beautiful open spaces and trails that could be connected or preserved for future trails. Now is the time to plan ahead and secure open spaces so that trail connecivity and bicycle access can be developed in concert with future growth. For example, the area east of the hospital/OIT could be a future pedestrian/bike corridor for to the Foothills Blvd. area. Connectivity of the OC&E trail should be extended to downtown and out to the Running Y/Ridgewater. Trail systems in the Hogback area should be included in future development plans.

  6. Open-uri20130713-27835-aflvl5?1373772064

    Added January 20 2011

    Wild Plum Drive

  7. Stringio

    Added January 20 2011

    Marked crosswalk and pedestrian refuge median needed to allow safe crossing of Washburn Way for users of the A-Canal Trail. Right on red from Crater Lake Parkway to Washburn needs to be eliminated to allow safer crossing of the A-Canal Trail. This is a major commuter route for bikes and pedestrians

  8. Stringio

    Added January 20 2011

    OIT Traditional Residence Hall

  9. Open-uri20130713-27835-1t2yth1?1373772065

    Added January 20 2011

    Lakeshore Blvd needs 4-foot shoulders to serve as bike lanes. This is a very popular road for cyclists and motorists usually exceed the posted 30MPH speed. Lanes can be narrowed and still meet standards. Driveways and parking encroaching on the right-of-way can be removed to allow room for shoulders.

  10. Stringio

    Added January 20 2011

    Bike lanes and sidewalks are needed along S. 6th St (and S. 5th St) from Klamath Ave. to the Merrill-Lakeview Junction.

  11. Stringio

    Added January 20 2011

    Sidewalks needed on both sides of Eldorado (from Dahlia to Esplanade) and along Dahlia. This is a major pedestrian route to OIT. There was a fatality along a stretch of Eldorado when a pedestrian was hit by a drunk driver.

  12. Open-uri20130713-27835-1dieo8b?1373772065

    Added January 20 2011

    Campus Drive used to have bike lanes up and down hill before the reconstruction several years ago. Bike lanes need to be restored; the two-way "trail" on the uphill side is narrow and does not protect cyclists crossing driveways or the entrance to the hospital.

  13. Open-uri20130713-27835-7bfd2x?1373772065

    Added January 20 2011

    Sidewalks needed along W Oregon Ave and California, especially important in winter for safe walking.

  14. Open-uri20130713-27835-7mirkn?1373772065

    Added January 20 2011

    The bus service from this neighborhood does not have a direct route to the OIT/hospital area. One must take the bus to downtown first then change buses to get to OIT/hospital. Since this area is relatively close to OIT it seems the bus could alter its route somewhat to provide direct service between Pelican City area and OIt/hospital area. Thanks!

  15. Stringio

    Added January 19 2011

    Primary concern is the amount of bike traffic that uses Old Fort Road. This is a high speed roadway and I believe it's only a matter of time before there is a conflict between bikes and motorists, especially with all the corners.