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  1. Stringio

    Added April 09 2012

    Why widen all of Walker except for this section? The intersection of Walker and Park needs a left turn lane. As it is, traffic backs up into Murray.

  2. Stringio

    Added April 03 2012

    Curves here are a safety hazard with people and baby carriges walking on the roadway. A path thru woods could carry people and bikes. Straighten the curves will improve visibility and minimize accidents.

  3. Stringio

    Added March 27 2012

    Add bike/ped facilities to Walker east of 217 to SW Canyon. There is almost a complete lack of bike/ped facilities on the major arterials easy of 217.

  4. Stringio

    Added March 24 2012

    The criteria for the MSTIP 3d short list (3-20-12) states as the first evaluation factor “community support/non-controversial”. Project # 12 SW Boones Ferry Road- does not meet this criterion.
    • The Basalt Creek Transportation Planning has not yet established an official location of the route for the 5 lane traffic corridor- funding at this time seems premature. Location of the future traffic corridor is controversial and does not have community support as currently planned.
    • The Basalt Creek Transportation Planning 5 lane traffic corridor - Was intended to promote flow of traffic from Highway 99 onto Interstate 5.
    o However the current “preferred” SW Boones Ferry Road Connection proposal- will never make a direct connection onto Interstate-5 –causing increased traffic congestion and bottlenecks by mixing industrial flow through traffic with residential traffic at multiple intersections near neighborhoods and schools.
    o For the current “preferred” SW Boones Ferry Road Connection plan to be effective (and reduce congestion on Boones Ferry Road from the increased volume of traffic flow from the 5 lane proposed corridor from Highway 99) requires an additional extension of an Interstate-5 overpass to undeveloped land mainly outside the UBG to the Stafford Basin. (Yet, this expensive overpass is still not planned to connect directly to Interstate 5)
     A significant portion of the Stafford Basin is outside Washington County- this is a questionable use of Washington County funds.
     The need to address potential future transportation needs of Stafford Basin should take a lower level of consideration than projects which demonstrate current safety/transportation needs.
     To be effective as currently planned, the entire SW Basalt Creek Project needs to be completed to it’s entirely. Funding for the entire project has not been established nor obtained. The community will have to live with the effects of a partially completed project.

  5. Stringio

    Added March 16 2012

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