Comments for “Far Northeast Livability Study”

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  1. Open-uri20140126-15090-1vsnasc?1390795334

    Added January 27 2014

    This should not be a, "No turn on red" stop. Drivers just ignore it.

  2. Open-uri20140126-15090-1jpv0nv?1390795253

    Added January 27 2014

    Drivers NEVER stop for crossing pedestrians here at the crosswalk. We need speed cameras or speed humps ... anything to help.

  3. Stringio

    Added April 13 2011

    According to last years bike map, DC is supposed to be adding a bike route here that would go past the Arboretum and connect to the Anacostia Branch Trails. There seems to be no progress on this. Is that plan dead? This would give more access to Maryland people travelling into the city for bike commuting. It would also give more access to the Arboretum for the community. I tried to bike through the neighborhoods on the bike lane to get to the Northeast branch trails however the traffic was zooming by so fast and close that I would not chance my luck again to take this route.

  4. Stringio

    Added April 09 2011

    Bike access is needed.

  5. Stringio

    Added April 09 2011

    Traffic speed is to fast, slow down cars and add a bike and pedestrian path.

  6. Stringio

    Added April 09 2011

    Planting and landscaping is needed in the median at Bennning rd. and East Capitol st.. There is no grass left from pedestrian crossing from Metro to the bus stop on the south side of the street.

  7. Stringio

    Added April 09 2011

    Traffic coming from Texas onto East Capitol to turn left on Benning Rd. blocks east bound traffic on East Capitol and prevents traffic from preceeding until the left turning traffic starts to move.

  8. Open-uri20130712-27835-1f9fa42?1373686443

    Added April 09 2011

    Traffic speed east of Benning Rd. is to fast especially after rush hour. A speed camera is needed as a deterrent and a means of slowing traffic speed without installing a light.

  9. Open-uri20130712-27835-n3nvib?1373686443

    Added April 09 2011

    The pedestrian crossing is dangerous for pedestrians traffic is speeding and do not recognize pedestrian in cross walk.

  10. Stringio

    Added April 09 2011

    A solution to biking to Capitol Hill by way of East Capitol must be part of the improvements proposed for this study. It directly supports the ONE DC theme of the new mayor.

    Currently there is no pedestrian nor bike access to Capitol Hill. This must be addressed. I have a solution that would make East Capitol St. accessible to bikers like myself.

  11. Stringio

    Added November 22 2010

    Driving east bound on Forte St you notice this is a blind intersection. There needs to be a better traffic layout of this intersection.

  12. Open-uri20130712-27835-4kcerl?1373686444

    Added November 22 2010

    This intersection has a high volume of traffic and pedestrians with no clear crosswalk for pedestrians. Please redirect Rt 704 traffic (as it comes into Dix St) or put in a round-about to make it easier for pedestrains and vehicles.

  13. Open-uri20130712-27835-k19619?1373686444

    Added November 12 2010

    Nice bike/ped trail here. It would be wonderful if it connected to a well-lit commuter route to downtown.

  14. Stringio

    Added November 12 2010

    beautiful park to walk by,, but sketchy people living/hanging out there!

  15. Open-uri20130712-27835-lmkva3?1373686444

    Added November 02 2010

    Please include an alleyway & sidewalks on this block. Also, increase or keep the same amount of plant life on the block.

  16. Stringio

    Added July 15 2010

    have seen cars running 4-way stop sign at 49th & quarles

  17. Open-uri20130712-27835-mvdkam?1373686444

    Added July 15 2010

    The junction of 44th, Hayes, & Burroughs is a traffic nightmare, especially with the current construction. It needs improved signals and traffic design.

  18. Open-uri20130712-27835-12lqc0?1373686444

    Added July 15 2010

    There is alot of pedistrian traffic on Minn. Ave between Benning Rd & Minn Ave, and crossing Minn Ave is quite difficult, because of the volumne of high speed traffic.

  19. Open-uri20130712-27835-vb7s86?1373686444

    Added July 15 2010

    Deanwood Rehab&Wellness Center is located at 50th&NHBurroughs, NE with a capacity of 300 beds. Many of our residents(wheelchair) use public transportation via Metro&Metro Access.
    Access at this intersection does not meet their needs. Also, it is difficult to cross the street, because of the traffic.

  20. Stringio

    Added July 14 2010

    There is currently a great deal of construction being done on 295 from Eastern Avenue to East Capitol Street. I understand the current exit closures and detours, but I would like to address the lights and street markings at the newly renovated Deane Avenue/295 intersection.

    I need to use this exit in the morning and evening each weekday and sometimes on the weekend. When the new intersection was opened, for a few short weeks before they closed the exit completely, I found the transition onto Deane Avenue much improved. Once the exit closed and I was forced to take the exit directly facing Kenilworth Terrace the traffic nightmare began. I noticed that permanent signs had been cemented in that make the far left lane on Deane Aveue a left turn only lane. With the heavy volume of traffic that comes through that intersection, losing a lane and forcing the majority of the traffic coming off of 295, Kenilworth Terrace, and Jay Street to merge into one right lane is absurd. The people that use that exit live at that exit and the majority of people are not making a left turn at the Service Lane to get into the neighborhood. Most people need to make a left at Minnesota Avenue to get into the neightborhood which now has a cemented sign with "no left turns" at certain times of the day. Neither of these signs meet the needs of the neighborhood and dramatically slow and back-up the traffic. Both of the above intersections should have left turn arrows added to the street lights.

  21. Open-uri20130712-27835-1fmg5db?1373686445

    Added July 12 2010

    Missing sidewalk on park (west) side.

  22. Stringio

    Added July 12 2010

    Minn Ave - Benning: What are the intersection improvements to make up for the city's not preserving a public right-of-way on the city-owned parcel which it gave to a private developer? Intersection has high number of pedestrian and vehicle crashes.

  23. Open-uri20130712-27835-161ckd5?1373686445

    Added July 08 2010

    Illegally parked and standing cars on Central Ave in front of the Shrimp Boat and across from the Metro are often vending customers and employees. This is a dangerous corner with pedestrians from the Benning Road Metro being directed to the street instead of the crosswalks by the landscaping; when cars stand on Central Ave the trafffic flow is blocked and cars are required to go to the wrong side of the road to get through

  24. Open-uri20130712-27835-qeqjrv?1373686445

    Added July 05 2010

    consistent problem of speeding coming into dc; is problem with a hill & possible conflict with pedestrians; east capitol was id'd as problem in dc pedestrian safety study but there has been no further movement on implementing solutions

  25. Open-uri20130712-27835-171dns4?1373686445

    Added July 05 2010

    no curbs or gutters in 5200 bo just (even side) in 09 new alley constructed but no curb or gutter installation scheduled