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  1. Stringio

    Added September 05 2012

    I have been jogging for 20 years in Winchester and often take a loop that goes West on Valley Avenue and then South on Merriman's lane back to Meadow Branch. I must cross Valley Avenue twice and Merriman's lane repeatedly due to obstructions on the side of the road. This follows the proposed Green trail and this trail must be completed a soon as possible from Amherst St to Meadow Branch as I see many other cyclist and joggers have trouble on Merriman's lane

  2. Open-uri20130711-27835-sck1n1?1373577028

    Added September 05 2012

    I bike to and from work 4-5 days a week. I have considerable difficulty making left turns from Jubal Early onto Valley Ave and from Valley Ave onto W. Gerrard St because I don't consistently get a left turn arrow at the stop lights and it is extremely hard to identify oncoming traffic if I don't.

  3. Stringio

    Added August 29 2012


  4. Open-uri20130711-27835-lz4jof?1373577028

    Added August 29 2012

    I typically ride in the evenings in Winchester's downtown core, and will occasionally connect my ride out towards Middle Road/Cedar Creek Road along Route 11. The lack on on road facilities, share the road signage and bike facilities at commercial areas/landmarks deters me from more riding, and using my bike for non-recreational trips. I know Winchester is not dc, but a bike lane or "Share the Road" sign would really go a long way to alert motorist to bicycle traffic. I am by no means a cyclist, but rather a casual rider who I believe represents the majority of persons in the MPO area that would ride if facilities and safety was improved.

  5. Open-uri20160719-26296-axopui?1468923702

    Added August 22 2012

    I agree with the comments I've read, especially #9. What I've marked on the map is a "Dream Plan" that would give the people in this area something to do outdoors -- a loop along the creek that connects along Senseny Road. While this loop would be wonderful to have, it's the pedestrian connectivity to work, school and play that matter most. Schools that co-exist with county parks should be a priority so children can safely walk or bike to these locations. Then all schools that make sense to have a path leading to them should be the next priority. Our children need to get out of cars and buses and be encouraged to walk or bike to school. Then we need to concentrate our efforts along major roads where people live so they can get places without getting in their cars (or if they don't have cars). Roads such as Senseny, Greenwood, Berryville Pike, Fairfax Pike, Warrior Dr., Tasker Rd., Valley Mill Rd., Papermill Rd., and the populated areas of our highways such as 522 & 50 north and south, the route 7 area near 81, etc. Also, look for desire paths as well as pedestrian accident records to determine need as well. Pedestrian mobility in the Frederick County/Winchester area will not only create a more livable community, but once built out will add to the local tax base and (I believe) the paths will eventually pay for themselves > Increase Quality of Life = Increased Tax Revenue.

  6. Stringio

    Added August 17 2012

    I bicycle commute to work almost every day from Valley Ave. to Costello Dr. Most of the ride is on the sidewalks of Jubal Early because the roads are just too dangerous therefore I am happy to have the sidewalks to access. But the worse part is crossing over Rt. 81. The bridge has a narrow sidewalk that is usually filled with rocks and such. The railing is short and I often imagine falling off the bike and going over the railing to the highway below. I've walked my bike over the bridge as well but it is still very uncomfortable. It would help to have much higher railings.

    I would also like to bicycle down 522 south to Papermill Rd. just to stay off the bridge and away from the Jubal Early traffic but I'm not sure which is worse. A sidwalk at least that length on 522 would certainly be helpful as well as on Papermill.

    I see several bicyclists struggling on the same route as mine. Bicycle commuting is losing it's appeal in Winchester.

  7. Stringio

    Added August 16 2012

    Please connect path along Warrior Drive from Warrior Center to Exxon

  8. Open-uri20130711-27835-1elkz3j?1373577029

    Added August 16 2012

    Connect path along Tasker from Musket Ridge Subdivision to Tasker/Warrior intersection, then continue on along Tasker to Bowman Library

  9. Stringio

    Added August 16 2012

    A path to connect Canter Estates (and other nearby neighborhoods) to Armel Elementary would be terrific, as well as a safe way to cross 522 (bridge, tunnel, crosswalk w/ traffic lights?). We're new to the area and my daughters have asked to walk to school since it's so close, but since there's not a safe way to cross 522 or any sidewalks or paths along 522, I've told them no.

  10. Stringio

    Added August 16 2012

    Need to connect path from White Oak/Macedonia Church Rd to path at Tasker/636. A crosswalk across Tasker at this point would also be helpful

  11. Stringio

    Added August 11 2012

    I agree with the suggestion to add a bridge over the drainage ditch between Wayland Dr. and Westside Station Dr. on the West side of Winchester/Frederick County border area. These two streets are dead ends, reducing the amount of auto traffic that travels these streets. Unlike like Merriman’s Lane, which until Meadow Branch is completed sometime in the unknown future, is a major traffic route? Merriman’s will require major work to make it bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Westside station is relative wide with amply street parking area right now and would be relatively safe in comparison. Wayland Dr. is only two lanes and narrow like Merriman’s, but again, it does not have anywhere near the traffic levels of Merriman’s.

    I think the bridge could be done rather quickly and inexpensively, (a large drainage pipe (or pipes), gravel fill, ramp on the Westside Station Dr. side of the drainage ditch, (No curb on Wayland Drive side), and some sort of top surface. Even a gravel surface on the bridge would be a big improvement for bicycles, runners, walkers, etc. then going through the ditch. A wood (Trex) bridge might even work as well, but would require more maintenance.

    This would almost connect the current construction of paths and sidewalks along Amherst with Breckinridge Ln. in Meadow Branch. Again, this is a popular area as it connects to the Abrams Creek Wetlands Preserve. It also provides a route the Hospital area.

  12. Open-uri20130711-27835-ip6rqv?1373577029

    Added August 09 2012

    It would be nice to run along Valley Mill Rd but is dangerous, particularly east of Greenwood Rd. Valley Rd has many walkers that I see when I run on it.

  13. Stringio

    Added August 06 2012

    Several thoughts.

    We need a bridge over the drainage ditch between Wayland Dr. and Westside Station Dr. This is a popular route with runners, but also allows bicyclists to avoid Merriman's Lane. While able to run/bike through the ditch (about 10' deep), a bridge would open it up to the general public.

    Merriman's Lane from Breckinridge to Amherst is one of the most unsafe places to run or bike in the area. There is no shoulder or sidewalk, and the road is narrow with poor sight lines. Plus there is too much traffic that goes too fast for the way the road is built.

    Many roads in the Frederick and Clarke County road dump onto 50 or 7, but don't go straight across. Creating 10 foot wide shoulders on 50 and 7, the entire way, would really open up the bicycling connections in this area.

    Another place to consider for future multiuse paths would be to continue the Abrams Creek path west and follow the railline as far as it goes. An example of this would be the Alleghany Highlands Trail heading out of Cumberland, MD.

  14. Open-uri20130711-27835-j30fwp?1373577030

    Added August 04 2012

    I have read many of the posted comments and have participated in similar surveys conducted by the MPO over the past few years so I just have to ask. Why should walkers and cyclist believe that any result will come of this latest effort?
    That said, I am a frequent visitor to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our officials should study what they have accomplished and how they pulled off the extensive network of paths and lanes. I am always amazed to see how much use such paths get by the public. What fantastic use of our public and private dollars and the benefit to users and local businesses is really tremendous. I contrast the public officials there and here and what I see is that there the officials are themselves active, here not so much. If the government officials really wanted bike paths and lanes and sidewalks for their own use, then I bet we would be much further along. I say, elect a triathlete mayor, fire the old chubby city manager and hire a young vibrant cyclist, staff the planning department with bike commuters. All school principles should be required to walk to school...

  15. Open-uri20130711-27835-ceq9vv?1373577030

    Added August 04 2012

    I am listing my preferences instead of using the map. I live in the city of Winchester in Williamsburg Heights and try to walk or use my bicycle for as many trips as possible. If there were more sidewalks, and more and safer bike paths, I would walk and use my bike more often.

    Here are my main recommendations re: transportation in the city of Winchester.

    1. Our top transportation funding priorities should be to 1) complete the green circle, 2) repair our current sidewalks and build more of them, and 3) build dedicated bike paths or bike lanes along all major city streets. We should make it possible for all Winchester residents to travel anywhere in our city safely on foot or by bike. Our ten-year goal should be recognition by the League of American Bicyclists as a bicycle-friendly community.

    2. We need a bicycle path or lane and sidewalks on both sides of all major streets in the city. Merriman's Lane desperately needs sidewalks, as well as a bike path or bike lanes. The upcoming Meadow Branch extension definitely needs to have sidewalks on both sides, and a bike path. There are many major streets in Winchester that lack a sidewalk on both sides, such as Jubal Early, South Braddock, South Loudoun, Weems Lane, Papermill Road, etc. Also, there is a dangerous gap in the sidewalk on the west side of Valley Avenue (southern Valley Ave in mid-2000 block). All these streets as well as many others in the city need good sidewalks on both sides.

    3. We need to make the retail shopping area along Pleasant Valley Road and at the Winchester mall accessible by walkers and bicyclists. It is now too dangerous for the citizens of Winchester to walk or bike to their main shopping district. Perhaps bike paths could be built behind the buildings on both sides of Pleasant Valley and linked to the green circle trail. There are multiple ways pedestrian and bicycle access could be achieved here, and we need our transportation planners to identify a workable solution. Winchester will not be considered to be pedestrian and bicycle friendly until our main shopping district is pedestrian and bicycle accessible.

    4. I suggest a new city ordinance that would require that whenever an arterial or major local street is upgraded for any reason, funding must also be provided to bring it up to the highest standard re: sidewalks and bicycle access. If we did this, in 30-50 years we would have a very pedestrian-friendly and bicycle-friendly community.

    5. I am willing to increase my real property tax rate by 10% and the sales tax rate I pay in the city by one cent (about +20%) to fund actions that will lead to a more pedestrian friendly and bicycle friendly community. If I were certain I could walk and/or bicycle for all my transportation needs in the city, I could eliminate ownership of one of my automobiles, which would save me thousands of dollars per year.

    My recommendations for Frederick County are given below.

    1. Many Frederick County roads have little or no paved shoulder for bicyclists to ride on so that they may stay out of the flow of automobile traffic. All major roads in Frederick Co. that lead into and out of the city should have a broad shoulder for bicyclists.

    2. A bike path or broad bike lane/shoulder is desperately needed on Senseny Road from the city/county boundary out past Greenwood Road, all the way to Senseny Glen.

    3. A bike path or broad bike lane/shoulder is needed on Merriman's Lane south from the city/county boundary, going alongside Jones Road, out to Stonebrook.

    4. A bike path will be needed from the new Lutheran home being built off Highway 50 west. This path should connect to the green circle in the city near the hospital. The residents will want to walk or bike to city establishments as part of their daily routine.

    Thank you for considering my comments and for helping make our community more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

  16. Open-uri20130711-27835-qevht7?1373577030

    Added August 03 2012

    The area needs a place to ride along country roads, it would be great if 1 or 2 feet of paved road could be put along roads like Back Mountain Road and the loop I made. The bike trail in Stephens City needs to go the length of Tasker so we could ride to Walmart.Thanks.

  17. Stringio

    Added August 03 2012

    oops, see comment associated with similar sketched line to the south.... on old federal mogul asbestos dump.... path here?

  18. Stringio

    Added August 03 2012

    years ago, federal mogul was willing to consider opening up their absetos containment dump to a bike path... they cannot plant any trees there, but could allow a bike-ped path here, which would shortcut right where we need it.....

  19. Open-uri20130711-27835-b5yfvs?1373577030

    Added August 03 2012

    some sort of connection between the end of the green circle on jubal early and su campus is needed. there is a creek there, and a lot of stores along the route have creek-side picnic tables or the like...also need a way over or under busy millwood ave/50 east..

  20. Open-uri20130711-27835-1orby9s?1373577030

    Added August 03 2012

    i agree with the commentor who advised for bike paths alongside the 37 loops, both east and west! that would be awesome. I have ridden the shoulder of 37 west, and it was fantastic, a path would be heavily used....particularly connecting neighborhoods and collectors such as schools and shopping....and work

  21. Open-uri20130711-27835-1nl2hqm?1373577030

    Added August 03 2012

    Senseny Road is busy and dangerous for bikes. Please push for bike/ped accomodations on this road. We usually will bike out of the west side of town, but drive to a location in Clarke county to start a ride, because there are no safe biking routes to the east. Also, the WMC ER kept records of bike accidents for years. Could you access that, and use areas of high accident density to push forward some of these infrastructure improvements?

  22. Open-uri20130711-27835-ytzytk?1373577030

    Added August 03 2012

    one east to west option for the green circle would be this one, would need a path through or around the parking garage, but would lend to accessing the newly renovated taylor hotel and shops, etc....

  23. Stringio

    Added August 03 2012

    Love the plan as presented for this part of the green circle! The connection between the end of Cecil street and the downtown will be critical for safety and comfort.. consider connecting to the southern extension of indian alley on west clifford street, and put a lighted pedestrian crossing at sweet carolines?

  24. Open-uri20130711-27835-8diij3?1373577031

    Added August 03 2012

    Thanks for being open to public comment. If the neighborhood is ageeable, a bridge connecting westside station with wayland drive, and some striping, could go a long way toward connecting the gap between amherst and the wetland parts of the green circle, and as previously mentioned, get bikes off the dangerous part of merrimans lane...

  25. Open-uri20160719-26296-rrcwir?1468923702

    Added August 01 2012

    The shoulder along Fairmont/522 needs to be marked or paved from Picadilly out to Apple Pie Ridge to accommodate pedestrians/joggers/bikers who use it as a gateway to Apple pie Ridge and the northern parts of the county