Comments for “Livable Claiborne Communities”

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  1. Stringio

    Added February 20 2013

    Don't tear down the interstate. It is a vital and much needed route of transportation to people traveling to and from downtown and the Westbank, (whether it be for work or pleasure, but most importantly, for the cases of evacuation). I suggest we leave the overpass in place AND make the imporvements to the area. This would be much less expensive, than making the improvements along with tearing down the over-pass, and it won't cause major traffic jams to people coming in and out of town that don't have a need or desire to go to the Claiborne area.

  2. Stringio

    Added December 15 2012

    this is the New Marigny? on the tax rolls? overgrown lots an pot holes an murders, more streetlights and follow up on crimes in the area will help, clean up the overgrown lots an continue tearing down buildings occupied by vagrants an drug dealers AND collect taxes that are due in the area!

  3. Stringio

    Added December 10 2012

    Tear down the expressway, bring back the live Oaks and create a park along this stretch of land that connects the neighborhoods and provides New Orleans with a world class public space that pays tribute to and acknowledges its history. The space should also include best practices in storm water retention and water management and multimodal transportation options while being mindful to help homeowners, businesses and renters along this corridor remain and thrive in this landscape. Perhaps a section of I-10 and the painted columns can remain and get turned into an amphitheater and stop for brass bands and second lines.

  4. Stringio

    Added December 07 2012

    Bayou Road is the oldest street in New Orleans. We should do more to develop this area as historic. The native americans showed the europeans how to walk from the river to the lake along a bayou that ran here. Surely, we could do something with that history.

  5. Stringio

    Added December 07 2012

    Tear down the Interstate!

  6. Open-uri20130711-27835-vv6oq8?1373526841

    Added December 07 2012

    This area has to be cleaned up. Can we remove some of these unwanted streets and make this area a large gathering place for pedestrians? Maybe a park.

  7. Stringio

    Added December 07 2012

    Louis Prima grew up in this neighborhood. Why not have some cultural markers to point out one of our greatest artists?

  8. Stringio

    Added December 07 2012

    Bring back the traffic Circle and put something like a giant fountain or move the Bernardo de Galvez statue from the World Trade Center to its rightful place on St. Bernard Avenue. This area is culturally very significant.

  9. Stringio

    Added December 05 2012

    This area has people asking for money on the street, under the highway every day. It also makes it unsafe to walk or safely pass at night. Esplanade is a beautiful street, on both sides of the highway. It would be wonderful if there was lighting and it felt more secure in this area as a walk to the quarter is no more than 10 minutes from this location and around five by bike.

  10. Stringio

    Added December 05 2012

    Community Garden planted here last Spring

  11. Stringio

    Added December 04 2012

    Let's be on the cutting edge of pedestrian and bicycle transit. With the intersection of the Lafitte Corridor and Claiborne Ave, it would be a great opportunity and place to mark the paradigm shift in transportation and livability. Let's continue to Renew New Orleans.

  12. Stringio

    Added December 03 2012

    I don't know how it would affect traffic for the city as a whole but it would benefit the seventh ward neighborhood to reroute the I-10 overpass and to revitalize N. Claiborne Ave. Bring the oak trees back. We also need entrepreneurial workshops, grants and investment to encourage local business start ups that can provide jobs outside of the drug and prostitution trade.