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Walk Bike Rogue Valley

We want to hear from you about active transportation - walking, rolling, and bicycing!

  1. Mark your key destinations: places you currently go and places you’d like to go on foot or by bike
  2. Identify routes that you think are currently good for walking and biking
  3. Identify routes where you’d like to see a new trail connection
  4. Identify routes where you’d like to see bike lanes added or improved
  5. Identify routes where you’d like to see sidewalks added or improved
  6. Identify barriers (uncomfortable intersections, missing connections, etc.)

For your reference, the Bear Creek Greenway is shown as a green line. Click on the map and follow directions to either place a pin or or draw a line. When leaving a comment, choose the category that best fits.

If you agree with a comment on the map, you can click on the comment to "Like" it.

When you're done, please head over to take the survey (if you haven't already). If you'd like to receive future updates about the Rogue Valley Active Transportation Plan, you can head back to to enter your email (we will not share or use your email for other purposes).

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Zoom and pan the map to find the location you're looking for. Then, DOUBLE-CLICK where you'd like to begin, and follow instructions to leave a pin or draw a route.