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Oakland Traffic Counts

This website contains historical traffic counts within the City of Oakland. Available data includes turning movement counts, pedestrian and bicycle counts, and automated tube count information.

Instructions: This map is based on Google Maps and works best with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers. You can zoom or pan on the map by dragging or scrolling with your mouse, or change the map type by selecting the map option buttons on the upper right. Map layers can be toggled on and off by clicking on their names, which are shown in the green box in the upper right side of the screen. This can be useful to uncover data points, or to re-order the layer display. The most recent selection will be layered on top. Count information can be obtained by clicking on the markers. The markers display the last two digits of the year the data was collected. Clicking on the blue marker description box will expand the information, and provide access to summary data, charts, and electronic count files.

Having trouble viewing or using the map? Please contact Jamie Parks at jparks [at] with your comments.