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2023 Billings Urban Area Long Range Transportation Plan - Draft Projects


The Yellowstone County Planning Board is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and oversees transportation planning for the Billings Urban Area. The MPO is preparing a long range transportation plan (LRTP).

We would like your input on the draft project list. The draft project list was developed from needs and deficiencies identified through past plans/studies, operations analysis, safety analysis, and public/stakeholder input. The draft project list includes the following types of projects:

Bicycle: Includes bike lanes, neighborhood bikeways, shared lane markings, and other spot improvements (i.e., bicycle crossing improvements at intersections).
Pedestrian: Includes new sidewalks, intersection treatments, and other safety improvement projects.
Safe Routes to School (SRTS): Includes projects identified Billings Safe Routes to School Plan Update (2022).
Trail: Includes construction of new multi-use paths and trails, improvements to existing paths and trails, and other spot treatments to enhance safety at intersections
Congestion Management: Includes signal timing projects at individual locations or at multiple locations on a corridor.
Intersection: Includes operation and/ or safety studies, new traffic control, reconstruction, widening, and other safety projects.
Roadway: Includes roadway widening and reconstruction, new roadway construction, pavement preservation, signage, bridge rehabilitation, corridor plans and safety studies, and other roadway improvement projects.
Transit: Includes transit facilities improvements, bus replacements, and route redesign identified by the 2022 Transit Development Plan (TDP). Note that these projects are not mapped in this tool since they apply to the entire transit system, not just one location.

Please use the map on the right to view projects and tell us your thoughts on the projects already included in the list or identify new projects that you would like to see included in the final project list. The project list is a key component of the LRTP update and enables future implementation of transportation improvements in the MPO planning area.


There are two options for adding comments to the map.

1. Comment directly on a project. Click on a project in the map. In the blue project description bow on the right side of the screen, click "Add Comment". When the green Comments box pops up, provide your comment and click "Create Comment" when you are done.

2. Provide a general comment. If you have a comment or new project idea that is not project-specific, you can provide a general comment by double-clicking anywhere on the map. When the green Comments box pops up, provide your comment and click "Create Comment" when you are done.

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Having trouble viewing or using the map? Please contact Andy Daleiden at with your comments.


Click on a project or double-click a new area to provide feedback on the project list. More detailed instructions are provided on the left side of your screen.