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  1. May 14 2014

    West Side Trail Bull Mtn. Bypass

  2. May 14 2014

    A better flatter pedestrian connection between Bull Mtn. and Gaarde is desirable versus the very steep 121st and Hazel Hill Dr. cut through.

  3. May 14 2014

    Doug Vorwaller and Tim Pepper could work with Boy Scouts and Tigard High School Nation Honor Society students to build a sustainable soft-surface trail here for free.

  4. May 13 2014

    Streetlight needed between SW Cedarcrest St. & SW Taylors Ferry on SW 74th Ave.. Entrance to SW 74th Ave. from SW Taylors Ferry with bus stop needs to be mended and connect with existing sidewalks on Taylors Ferry to SW 70th & also with the sidewalk on SW 74th Ave., (only three houses). There are lot's of people in the neighborhood walking and using this bus stop!

  5. May 11 2014

    Vehicles heading north on Main St but turning on to Hwy 99 east tend to turn right on red without stopping while people are in the crosswalk. I believe it's because the traffic signal is not on the same pole as the other signals. When the other cars heading north from Main onto Greenburg have a green light, those turning right have a red light to allow for people to cross--but drivers need to look at the signal on a pole at the corner of Greenburg and Hall near the bank. If this sounds confusing, it's because it is.

  6. May 11 2014

    There is a crosswalk here but it is dangerous because it is so near the entrance to Jo-Ann Fabrics. Cars heading southbound on Hall may stop for a pedestrian in the crosswalk but the people pulling out of the parking lot think traffic has yielded for them so they pull out. I've been almost hit several times here in the 2 years. Please provide a blinking light crosswalk system like on Greenburg & SW Center.

  7. May 11 2014

    Crossing Pfaffle at Hall is dangerous. Vehicles heading south on Hall and turning on Pfaffle are paying attention to oncoming traffic to turn, not pedestrians. Also cars on Pfaffle generally roll too far forward for people to cross in front of because the bridge partially blocks visibility. It needs a light and crosswalk lighting system.

  8. May 07 2014

    Scoffins Street's sidewalks end at Ash Street, leaving pedestrians from the apartments near the end of this narrow curvy road, and around the corner on Hall, stranded. Continuing the sidewalk all the way down would make the Rite Aid pharmacy and other shops on the corner of Hall & Scoffins more accessible.

  9. May 06 2014

    Narrow unimproved railroad side of Commercial St needs to be improved with separated walking path along Commercial St.

  10. April 29 2014

    Barrows Road needs sidewalks that go all the way from Scholls Ferry to Murray. Currently, there is a sidewalk on the east side of the street, but there is about a 2-block gap after Anna Court that forces people onto the road, which is very dangerous. A lot of people use this sidewalk to access shopping and other trails by foot/bike.

  11. April 26 2014

    No sidewalk on either side of the majority of 79th and 79th T-bones into an elementary school so you can't even safely walk your child to school. Furthermore, 79th for more than half the length is very narrow, with a hill that obscures pedestrians and mailboxes/bushes/lack of mowing/etc that make it very difficult to walk off the paved surface. It is so narrow, it is difficult for 2 cars to drive past each other And there are no street lights so it is very dark and all of that makes it very difficult to see pedestrians. You should probably define what each of the "layers" mean, it would be nice to know what a planned greenway trail actually means...

  12. April 25 2014

    Washington Square Loop Trail

    The section of N Dakota from Greenburg Rd to the Fanno Creek Trail is probably about the most dangerous stretch of ground for a pedestrian in all of Tigard. There is no sidewalk and no extra room whatsoever crossing the little road bridge that goes over Fanno Creek. It's amazing no one has been hit there. It's a busy street with a lot of foot traffic.

  13. April 25 2014

    I love all the neighborhood connections! I hope they are high priority and come to fruition. They will make a huge difference in walkability. With these in place, it becomes feasible to get places without having the expense of adding sidewalks to certain areas. It would also make Tigard rival the SW with its SW Trails system.

  14. April 25 2014

    Now that the East Butte Park is finished, need a safe walking route from the elementary school to the park. Murdock is not walker friendly, especially in the late afternoon/early evening when it is heavily traveled by cars.

  15. April 25 2014

    Walking to the library from any of the neighborhoods west of Hall and south of the library is scary. There are sidewalks, but they are not continuous. Many times have to walk in the bike lane.

  16. April 16 2014

    Bike lane on north side of Tigard St only; needs to have bike lane on both sides. Also, no sidewalk or shoulder for pedestrians.

  17. April 16 2014

    Bike lane disappears

  18. April 16 2014

    No sidewalks

  19. April 16 2014

    Walnut St lacks sidewalks on the north side of the street

  20. April 16 2014

    There are three small, disjointed segments of sidewalk and one orphan bike lane on the uphill side of Fonner St. A lot of cars use this street to avoid Walnut during rush hour and it's dangerous for people walking or riding.

  21. April 16 2014

    121st between SW Gaarde St and SW Walnut St has no shoulder, bike lane, or sidewalk. People walking or riding to the bus stop on Walnut, Fowler Middle School on Walnut, or to Gaarde have to walk or ride in the street and risk being hit by speeding cars and trucks. This is a very dangerous section of road and is a huge barrier for the neighborhoods.

  22. April 12 2014

    No continuous sidewalk on either side of McDonald Street. People need a sidewalk to be able to walk to/from bus stops on Hwy 99W and also the Library. (Tigard First)

  23. April 11 2014

    Would be nice for workers in this business park to be able to access the new trail section without having to walk all the way around on dangerous Tigard St.

  24. April 11 2014

    Tigard Street needs pedestrian sidewalks. Right now it's only a shoulder and the cars are going really fast. Feels dangerous.

  25. April 11 2014

    There is no continuous sidewalk on the east side of Hall Blvd. This is a path taken by students walking to and from school, and by residents walking to and from the bus stops along Hall. (Tigard First)