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  1. July 11 2015

    The timing of this signal light is atrocious. Use 'Smart' traffic signal technology to correct the mistiming of all the lights in all of DC, please.

    According to The Associated Press, a pilot project to incorporate traffic signal technology with artificial intelligence is currently being developed by Traffic21, a research program affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University.

    The new technology functions similarly to adaptive signal control, a system of fiber optic video receivers that allow controllers to monitor and change traffic signals in real time to account for situational changes in traffic patterns. However, in the case of this study, the series of signals relay information to each other, changing the lights without the need for human operators.
    A team comprised of multidisciplinary students and professors from the university, Traffic21 researchers use the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to test their fully integrated traffic strategies and designs. In the case of their adaptive traffic control system, the smart signals were installed at nine intersections in the city's congested East Liberty section to try to cut down on air pollution.

    The results, the AP reported, were significant: motorists spent less time idling and more time moving, time spent stopped at the lights was reduced by 40 percent, and overall travel time was also decreased by 26 percent. This marked drop in wait time and decrease of wasted fossil fuels had a projected 21 percent reduction in the motor vehicular emissions that were tested.

  2. July 11 2015

    Narrow the lanes of traffic from 3 to 2 lanes at this juncture where many vehicles exit on the left. Use the extra space to create a bike lane that offers another way to cross the river thus connecting the Minnesota Ave Main Street Development so more people are able to cross the river and utilize what both sides have to offer.

  3. July 11 2015

    Use progression lighting starting at 21st St & C St NE continuing for 1 mile. Progression refers to the timing of the signals so that a "platoon" of cars traveling on a street arrives at a succession of green lights and proceeds through multiple intersections without stopping. A well coordinated signal system can enhance traffic flow, reduce delay and minimize pollution.

  4. July 11 2015

    Install sensors in the road to monitor speed levels and turn the next set of lights red when an approaching vehicle is speeding. This type of system is likely to be more effective at off-peak times when traffic volumes are lower and vehicle speeds higher. Specialist equipment called a Data Logger connected to the traffic signal system will record the speed of all vehicles that pass. Motorists driving at speeds over a specific threshold will trigger the traffic signals at the junction to turn to from green to red. To ensure that speeding vehicles have enough time to safely stop when the signals change to red, the Data Logger is located a safe distance in advance of the junction at 21st & C St NE. There is plenty of space between the signs warning drivers to reduce speed to 25 miles an hour and that light.

  5. June 17 2015

    As an important connection from the Riverwalk Trail to a useful E-W bike route, this intersection needs to have clear transitions from a protected bike lane to trail. Separated ramps are a plus to keep pedestrian conflicts to a minimum. Wide crosswalks for transitions are key. Also, please consider eliminating turning conflicts with no turn on red.

  6. June 17 2015

    Traveling westbound by bike, I am constantly buzzed by drivers speeding west from the bridge as I squeeze into the narrow bike lane. Riding these couple of blocks is stressful, and I am not surprised that I only see a handful of other riders here. Protected bike lanes will make a huge difference!

  7. June 17 2015

    Riding westbound in the bike lane, the transition to north carolina ave is not an easy one for hesitant riders. The protected bike lanes in all three alternatives, with the protected turn would be an important improvement.

  8. June 16 2015

    The south side opposite the bus stop has no sidewalk and is hazardous to pedestrians, especially as cars do not often decrease speed until they round this corner. I live on the south side of C between 13 & 14 and walk in that direction to my neighbors' houses often.

  9. June 13 2015

    There is no light for pedestrian crosswalk (N-S crossing on 21st Street), making it unsafe for pedestrians. Also, the green light signal for the car traffic for crossing over that intersection (approx. 12 seconds or so), which obviously doesn't take the pedestrians into consideration is too short for crossing safely.

  10. June 10 2015

    We live between 20th and 21st on C St NE. The cars coming off of the highway are often traveling at excessive speeds and it is dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. There is a speed camera further up but by the time cars reach the camera- they have already had to stop at several lights and have had a chance to slow down. There needs to be a camera placed closer to the highway. If the light at 21st St is green, cars are going dangerously fast coming off of the highway. A speed camera would be more effective if placed between 20th and 21st on C.

  11. June 10 2015

    The traffic on 21st street going to the highway in the evenings is often backed up. There seems to be some confusion about which lane turns left and often, people turn from both lanes and it leads to a traffic jam- is it possible to better mark the street to indicate that only one lane turns left? Also, the light to turn left from 21st onto C St to head to the highway is very short- is it possible, specifically in the evening when there is traffic to lengthen the light time?

  12. May 03 2015

    This applies to corner 20th & C. St. Need crosswalk for children and seniors to cross C ST safely. Also get rid of large trucks that shake the houses while speeding down C ST toward 19 ST to catch the green light.

  13. May 03 2015

    This applies to the entire N side of C St NE from 21st to 17th: Consider widening the green area between the sidewalk and roadway so that trees can have an easier time growing. I've had Casey tree plant 6 trees along C St and about half died due to high heat.

  14. May 03 2015

    Lot's and lots of kids cross the St at 17th Place NE to get to Hine, EHS and the tennis courts. Please consider adding a light and pedestrian crossing at 17th Place NE.

  15. May 03 2015

    If, per Option C, you narrow westbound lanes from 3 to 2 -- which I favor--, consider measures to mitigate the use of 21st as cut-through for west-bound commuters who may try to use D St NE and/or Benning. Do this by narrowing the the westbound lane not at 21st St NE, but 200-300 meters east of 21St St..

  16. April 28 2015

    No trash receptacles between 16th St NE and 17th Pl NE

  17. April 28 2015

    Planting shade trees in the median strip all along C St NE will add a sorely lacking aesthetic quality.

  18. April 28 2015

    This comment applies to all intersections along this route: Pedestrians, especially those with small children and pets, would be better served by having raised crosswalks that extend into the intersection. This would have the benefit of providing increased visibility of and for the pedestrians, with a corresponding reduction in traffic speed.

  19. April 28 2015

    Traffic picks-up speed around this corner, with little visibility of what's ahead. Traffic speed needs to be reduced here. Additionally, the block between 16th and 17th street is poorly lit at night, with inadequate street lighting for pedestrians and cyclists.

  20. April 27 2015

    Please, please, please include some measure to reduce the speeding on 19th St. Three lanes of cars race northward on 19th and merge into one lane in front of our house! With all the children on this street, it is so incredibly dangerous.

  21. April 19 2015

    I use the sidewalks on C St NE to travel from my home on 14th & C NE to the Anacostia trail system that starts on 21st and C NE. Frequently I have my kids in a jogging stroller, or my son on a balance bike. The sidewalk here is too narrow in places, and the adjacent driving speeds are nerve wracking. I also bike this corridor to reach the trail system and to reach the Fort Circle Trail. The very fast vehicle speeds make this segment feel unsafe for me as an experienced cyclist. A narrower roadway with ample room for running/walking, and biking in a protected lane would be my ideal reconfiguration for C St NE.

  22. April 19 2015

    There are a couple of narrow pinch points on the North sidewalk that are hard to navigate around with the jogging stroller I use for my kids. If this goes to construction, street light and sign poles should be relocated so that the sidewalk is effectively wider.

  23. April 19 2015

    The south side of C Street here lacks sidewalks. This triangle park could also use some landscaping.