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  1. July 28 2018

    Build a commuter rail line from OIA to the Altamonte Sunrail station. Two tracks down the middle of 436 with stations at Hoffner, Lake Margaret, Curry Ford, Lake Underhill, SR50, Hanging Moss, University, Howell Branch, Red Bug, 17/92.

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  2. July 18 2018

    Reference 436 meeting. Combine C1 and C2. Make the two median lanes auto lanes so there are still three car lanes. Then make the two outer lanes bus only lanes. Have the buses reverse direction say every 15 or 20 minutes, so both bus lanes travel North and then reverse and go South. This way passengers would not be crossing traffic lanes to access bus transportation. The buses would have to have access on both sides due to reversing direction. There would be no need for walk overs. A barrier would probably be needed between the auto and bus lanes.

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  3. June 28 2018

    We live in
    Summerloch Green,
    Lake Kathryn Estates, an over age 55 community of over 1000 homes.
    We NEED a bus from Laura Street and 17/92 to Laura Street and Seminola Blvd with a bus stop somewhere in the middle of Laura Street.
    Many elderly here can not walk that far to catch a bus at either end, we need a bus service along Laura Street itself.
    Please help !

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  4. November 21 2017

    Lynx Superstop at Fern Creek Should be relocated here, underutilized with only one route. Has enough bus bays to serve SEVEN routes and provide more direct connection to premium transit.

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  5. November 21 2017

    The first phase of the future OIA light rail system should be built out to here. Not only enabling Lynx to reduce the number of buses heading into the airport but also having the park&ride lots shuttle people to this station. Reducing congestion around the airport/528, reducing CO2 emissions/gas usage as well as drive economic value of the surrounding properties by having permanent/premium transit.

    Multiple and/or future station locations may be viable at Frontage and.or Lee Vista intersections as well.

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  6. November 01 2017

    Good location for transit center. Too much delay for routes having to circle block for layover at 7-11 & Dixie Belle. Also - not a great layover location.

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  7. November 01 2017

    Need more mid-block or pedestrian crossings. Signals are spaced too far apart for pedestrians trying to reach destinations on opposite side of 436. Elevated crossings create even more delay and likely won't be used. Maybe refuge islands?

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  8. November 01 2017

    Need a transfer station in area

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  9. October 11 2017

    I live between 434 and 436 (closer to 434). When I went to college, it took me 2-4 hours to ride the bus to SCC.I bought a car and stopped using the bus, as my commute shrank to 20 minutes. It feels like bus services are intended only for poor people. I feel like the lack of convenience of public transport keeps more people forced to drives cars. I know in more progressive cities like Seattle, Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York, many people live their lives without needing personal, dedicated cars. The transportation is safe, clean and convenient. I don't believe that making the transit system more convenient (by adding routes and having shorter wait times) would be an overnight success, until people learned to trust them. I'm reminded of the fact that when I-4 was built, very few people used it. Eventually, however, people started using it, and now it's packed. I think a more robust transit system could achieve the same success, as well as take cars off the road.

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  10. May 30 2017

    A streetcar or BRT system along 436 could help reduce the need for sprawling airport parking lots, which could put the land along Semoran to better use, such as mixed-use developments, which generate higher property taxes.

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  11. May 27 2017

    Build a 2nd hwy over 436 , from airport that connects only to the major feeder roads with ramps . And do not put tolls on it!!!! Get this traffic out of residential areas please. And give it a nice name like O.I.A.Trail. That should fix this monster once and for all :) or consider adding a new airport somewhere else to ease the overcrowding.

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  12. May 22 2017

    There needs to be better connections to/from the Altamonte Springs Sunrail Station and other destinations on 436.

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  13. May 22 2017

    A street-car or BRT (bus rapid transit) line along 436 could tie into Sunrail here at the Altamonte Springs station.

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  14. May 22 2017

    We should be encouraging better land use along Semoran near the airport--more mixed use, higher-density developments. There are many flight crews and business travellers staying at the hotels here, and I often see them wandering along the road, trying to cross Semoran and walk to restaurants or shops, but it it not pedestrian friendly at all.

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  15. May 22 2017

    I wonder if a street car system or at least a BRT (bus rapid transit) along Semoran could help relieve some of the traffic and make it more walkable. There is quite a bit of high-density housing mixed in with the retail big box strip malls. Strategically placed stops, with pedestrian bridges could make it work, and some of those big parking lots could be turned into mixed-use developments. A street car or BRT could also tie into the airport and Lake Nona developments, to make them more accessible to the rest of the city.

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  16. May 22 2017

    This overpass is not pedestrian friendly at all!!!

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  17. May 22 2017

    It would be nice for partners in the corridor to figure out a way to make the Sunrail station work for transfers for bus routes in the area

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  18. May 11 2017

    I often see people jaywalking is this area

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  19. May 11 2017

    Traffic light here is very long-

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  20. May 03 2017

    More bike crossings

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  21. May 02 2017

    Expanding Hanging Moss and connecting it ot Goldenrod; also expanding Forsyth would help get people off 436 and 50

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  22. May 02 2017

    McCoy needs to continue more or less straight here and connect with itself on the other side of 436 and be 3 lanes per side.

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  23. May 02 2017

    This intersection needs reworked. McCoy should be an overpass over the 528 on ramps and be 3 lanes to allow better E-W flow between Goldenrod and Orange

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  24. May 02 2017

    This intersection needs some work. Judge is the new popular cut through between Conway and 436. The lights and length of the turn lanes are timed and sized properly for the flow.

    Judge is another E-W road that should be expanded in conjunction with expanding Conway to allow some relief off congestion off 436 and Conway.

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  25. May 02 2017

    This light timing is an issue morning and evening.

    The people traveling east/west on LU who want to turn onto 436 back up into the travel lane.

    The green turn arrow and through lights should all be green for each direction the whole time, and the north bound light on 436 on the other side of the 408 should be green commensurate with the east bound green light on LU continuing on with the north bound traffic on 436.

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