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  1. January 29 2019

    I would like to take the bus to the Brit Festival or to hike in Jacksonville

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  2. January 16 2019

    There needs to be a special bus up to the Roxy Anne Peak / Prescott Park parking lot equipped for cycles.

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  3. January 16 2019

    There is a need for a route going on Springbrook for East Medford.

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  4. January 16 2019

    Comment on Route

    It would be really helpful if this was a stop. The Rosewood and Montego Place stops are too close together.

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  5. January 16 2019

    Comment on Route

    There needs to be a higher frequency of buses on this segment of Route 40.

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  6. January 16 2019

    Comment on Route

    There needs to be later service on this route at least to midnight.

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  7. January 16 2019

    There needs to be an East Medford loop Route going along Springbrook.

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  8. January 16 2019

    Route 60 should be going on Hawaiian every bus departure instead of just
    a limited amount of times.

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  9. January 16 2019

    This stop should be moved to the Hawaiian intersection with Eaton. This is because there is an existing stop one block north.

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  10. January 03 2019

    I'd like to see a passenger train running on the tracks through town.

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  11. October 24 2018

    This map incorrectly shows where the route loops through town - from southbound on 5th Street the bus turns west on E Street then south on Oregon Street, then east on C Street before returning northbound on 5th. The bus doesn't run along California.

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  12. June 26 2018

    would like to see 24 bus go all way to n. Phoenix Rd. to the
    Albertsons. It seems to be less than a mile more and would
    make bus more useful for shopping during slow times for
    medical. Might be possible to alternate routes like 61 and 21 to fill out ridership more evenly.

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  13. June 07 2018

    It's difficult for East Medford residents to connect to Hwy 62. On this plan (and right now), we'd have to go to the Front Street station, then connect to another bus. Honestly, how many people are going to choose to do that if they have a car?

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  14. May 18 2018

    Making route 3 a loop going down S Stage or Bellinger lane would allow the residents in this area to have access to RVTD services

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