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  1. August 17 2020

    ID_Number: 39

    Keep ROW of small and focus on bike and ped.

  2. August 17 2020

    ID_Number: 40

    Keep the ROW small and save the trees on this street. Good hwy 99 alternative for bike and peds

  3. August 17 2020

    Please build the path connecting Medford to Jacksonville!

  4. August 17 2020

    ID_Number: 80

    Agree with other comments. High cycling use and some big safety concerns.

  5. August 17 2020

    ID_Number: 2

    Columbus needs some serious reworking but provides a great opportunity if given some sidewalks and a lane reduction.

  6. August 17 2020

    ID_Number: 61

    While off the "main drags" I find this to be a lower stress connector for North/South Medford and getting to the activity centers within this area.

  7. August 11 2020

    ID_Number: 18

    Biking thru town is dangerous there needs to be a designated bike lane to the library.
    I think there needs to be more education provided to cars re: safe driving around bikers...too much speeding
    Railroad tracks near Hersey and on Oak st should be a sign no parking on the tracks or as one goes into the lumber yard...I got hit by a truck there -someone taking to make a u turn. Not fun

    On Croson Rd there are no bike lanes.
    The area from Lithia Way and Man St-across from liquor store and bus stop no bike lane and that area is difficult

  8. August 11 2020

    crossing Main St @ Laurel is awful at the most a bike or auto has 3 seconds to get across or to turn
    The same at No Mtn and E Main, the light is too quick to allow safe crossing or turning It is like taking one's life in ones hand

  9. August 11 2020

    ID_Number: 66

    the bike path-the greenway is should be extended across Oak to North Mountain ave.
    There is no safe biking on Eagle Mill Road to S Valley View Road.

  10. August 11 2020

    the light at Laurel and E Main in Ashland is awful crossing must be done within 3 seconds that is dangerous and ridiculous.
    Light at N Mtn and E main is also too quick allow a safe crossing.
    One takes ones life in one's hands to get across, crazy!

  11. August 11 2020

    This would be a great addition to connect Jacksonville to downtown Medford & the BC Greenway

  12. August 11 2020

    ID_Number: 53

    Morrow Rd bike lanes need to connect Biddle intersect with improved intersection.

  13. August 10 2020

    ID_Number: 52

    This should be a high priority. This multi-use path will connect one of only two planned east-west multi-use paths in Medford with the BC Greenway Corridor via Temple multi-use/62 and the future Foothill multi-use path

  14. August 10 2020

    ID_Number: 23

    This east west route should be a higher priority b/c of the investment the State has made in the multi-use path adjacent to Hwy 62

  15. August 10 2020

    ID_Number: 18

    To be safe, bicyclists need physically separated lanes in downtown Ashland on both E. Main and Lithia Way (at least between Helman St and 3rd St.).

  16. August 10 2020

    Many cyclists use this route as do many vehicles traveling at high speed. I know there are space constraints, but it is a high safety concern for me and my family.

  17. August 10 2020

    ID_Number: 66

    Need to have wider shoulders on Eagle Mill Road for Bicycles as auto/truck traffic moves fast

  18. August 10 2020

    ID_Number: 66

    High priority needed to continue Greenway from Dog Park Mountain Ave and to continue to Tolman Creek

  19. August 07 2020

    ID_Number: 21

    Where does this go??? It makes no sense.

  20. August 07 2020

    ID_Number: 39

    There are numerous housing developments being built in this area, this route should be a high priority for the near future as traffic increases exponentially along Kings Hwy

  21. August 06 2020

    ID_Number: 60

    A disaster for west-east connectivity for bike-ped travel. Especially if you consider the railroad overpass. It effectively isolates a significant portion of west Medford from commercial centers.