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ODOT Statewide ATNI - Bike Data Needs

ODOT maintains data on bicycle facilities along state highways in urban areas throughout the state. The data includes information on the presence, type, width, and condition of the bicycle facilities.

This maps shows where bicycle facility data is currently available from ODOT and where data is needed to support the ATNI process. The data and data needs are shown on one or both sides of the roadways as applicable.

Please review the map and provide input on locations where bicycle facilities are needed, but not show on the map as either Ex Bike Data or as Bike Data Needs. Please be sure to indicate if data is needed on one or both sides of the roadway.

For the purpose of the ATNI, we will assume that all of the locations with Bike Data Needs have a gap or deficiency that should be addressed by the ATNI process. So anywhere that is not shown will not be included.

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Click on the Ex Bike Data layers to review the characteristics of the existing bicycle facilities; you can not click on the Bike Data Needs layers as there is not data to review.

Click anywhere on the map to provide you input on the Bike Data Needs. Please remember, the focus of this exercise is on confirming where data is needed.