Comments for “Eastern Market Metro Park Study”

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  1. Open-uri20140730-31163-1rpfpc1?1406766356

    Added July 31 2014

    Sidewalk is often crowded in this area with boxes and people.

  2. Open-uri20140730-31163-iegfgt?1406766268

    Added July 31 2014

    Using the Capital Bikeshare almost daily. There's needs to be marked bike lanes between Eastern Market and the Navy Yard. Perhaps marked lane down 7th street or across South Carolina then down.

  3. Open-uri20140730-31163-11eok5y?1406766097

    Added July 31 2014

    Relocate the Circulator and Metro bus stop to the corner of Penn and 8th Street. An underground passageway to the Metro rail station would be even better.

  4. Open-uri20140107-18386-15q1ft2?1389114947

    Added January 07 2014

    lf the desire is that this plaza is to be like Lincoln Park, Stanton Park or DuPont Circle and actually have people gather there for activities, PLEASE NOTE what they have in common--NO street going through the center and sufficient space for people to gather and enjoy activities. These plans do not meet those BASIC criteria.

  5. Open-uri20140107-18033-1jtoabf?1389114752

    Added January 07 2014

    You clearly indicate the DDOT is going to study (and probably change) the configuration of Pa. Ave.

    Further, only segment 1 is large enough to result in a community gathering place as it currently stands. Other parts would also gain enough, if Pa. Ave were relocated and/or made smaller--but until that happens, you are just fooling yourselves that the plaza will become a gathering place.

  6. Open-uri20140107-17465-e4hv2p?1389114511

    Added January 07 2014

    The original concept was to facilitate accessibility between Eastern Market and Barracks Row. Both the concepts make it more difficult (and longer) to walk through here. Plus, there is a fireplug, a stop sign, a lamp post and a traffic sign, all in the way of pedestrians--you do nothing to fix that, instead you make it harder and longer to walk this way.

  7. Open-uri20140107-16821-ulqnea?1389114275

    Added January 07 2014

    One of the original concepts was to facilitate access between Eastern Market and Barracks Row.

    At this point, there is currently about 12-15 feet of transit space (at the elevator) which is small. YOUR PLAN appears to make that significantly smaller--a huge design flaw, especially since more accessibility is needed--it is not sufficient now!

  8. Open-uri20140107-16559-1yzt79s?1389114094

    Added January 07 2014

    A general comment: This is an embarrassment for an urban planner. If the desire is to make this a community meeting place--it will fail. There is not enough room in any of the sections, except segment 1, for any activity except transiting. Any urban planner could tell you that.

    Unless Penn Ave. is reconfigured, there is no way to resolve this. Continuing with this project without that condition is FUTILE and wasteful.

  9. Open-uri20131217-6218-25mx9i?1387313852

    Added December 17 2013

    Save Cootieville! We'll miss the plastic city.

  10. Open-uri20131213-14006-1beiwgb?1386955465

    Added December 13 2013

    Please don't close D Street. Those of us who are disabled need to have close parking options for the FEDEx and Hill's Kitchen, as well as more possibilities for parking other than 7th or 8th Street.

  11. Open-uri20131212-26551-183tvv6?1386885528

    Added December 12 2013

    Please, please, please, put a playground in here. Currently, there is a neighborhood collection of old toys and jungle-gym type equipment that is loved by the local community. The closest city run playgrounds are either Marion Park or Lincoln Park.

  12. Open-uri20131211-15933-7me4yh?1386804178

    Added December 11 2013

    Applicable to a few places in study area: Many very valid concerns about space -- can't widen roads and also widen sidewalks, or vice versa -- what if parking were limited to just one side of the street on the non-Pennsylvania/non-8th Street streets...? I know it's nuts, parking is already so limited, but, just throwing it out there.

  13. Open-uri20131211-15413-l9ykxg?1386803933

    Added December 11 2013

    I'd love more trees here. Don't want to crowd it with too much stuff -- important not to clog this path for folks rushing thru from bus to bus, etc. -- but some more shade would be lovely.

  14. Open-uri20131211-15185-j9s2p9?1386803818

    Added December 11 2013

    -1 to more benches with the dividers -- makes it so only 2 strangers will sit rather than 3 (or even 4, if demand is high). Also, they're really just to discourage homeless folks from sleeping on them, right? For this reason, I find them offensive and decidedly uninviting. (But again, +1 to more benches!)

  15. Stringio

    Added December 11 2013

    +1 to adding benches here -- and all over the study area. Benches, benches, benches! (and/or other types of seats :) )

  16. Open-uri20131211-14415-p1o9go?1386803454

    Added December 11 2013

    Love the "splashpad" idea for this spot!

  17. Open-uri20131211-14289-1hpxay5?1386803374

    Added December 11 2013

    Applicable everywhere in study area: I'm a big fan of all the green/sustainable/resource-conscious/generally thoughtful aspects of Canal Park (near Navy Yard; Canal Park itself looks like a pilot project for 25 different "green" ideas people had (which doesn't bother me, but I get why some might find it tacky) -- but I think there are a lot of concepts and methods we could draw from for our own improvement plans.

  18. Open-uri20131211-13364-1jn140l?1386802926

    Added December 11 2013

    As others have said, this intersection is chaotic, confusing, and dangerous. Among many other things, the crosswalk (the part that's square stones instead of pavement) isn't even really outlined! Please highlight the crosswalk edges, like any other crosswalk in the city, at the very least.

  19. Open-uri20131211-12994-gnoldt?1386802795

    Added December 11 2013

    Applicable everywhere in study area: Please include plenty of waste (and recycling) receptacles! Like, lots of them!! (They already fill up too quickly, and there isn't a recycling receptacle in the immediate area around the Metro.)

  20. Open-uri20131211-12619-pgpm34?1386802594

    Added December 11 2013

    +1 re importance of parking spots on D Street here

  21. Open-uri20131211-12484-kr5suo?1386802538

    Added December 11 2013

    Applicable everywhere in study area: Please, please use full cutoff (or comparable light-pollution-minimizing fixtures) for any new/replaced fixtures -- could set a precedent for the neighborhood that one day might even become the rule. (Navy Yard has installed low-light-pollution fixtures -- we can, too!)

  22. Open-uri20131211-11122-189qifp?1386801949

    Added December 11 2013

    +1 to comments for more aesthetically pleasing incorporation of bike boxes into Metro station area.

  23. Open-uri20131206-23662-un0b3d?1386354952

    Added December 06 2013

    This 1.5 block 1-way piece of D St just seems to create more dangers rather than promote efficient transit (pedestrian and vehicles alike).. I'd be a proponent of closing this portion of D Street in the interest of making the pedestrian experience at the intersection of 8th & D Streets safer. That four way intersection is confusing for vehicles and pedestrians. At the very least, some features to discourage vehicle traffic, reduce speeds and promote pedestrian N-S accessibility would be great.

  24. Open-uri20131204-14751-xkso4v?1386183298

    Added December 04 2013

    Agree re making this a paved sidewalk where the current dirt path is.

  25. Open-uri20131202-21136-1r3q59t?1386003273

    Added December 02 2013

    I agree with those who suggest closing this stretch of D Street, it is mostly used as a shortcut for drivers who completely ignore the pedestrian rights-of-way and could be put to much better use