Comments for “Tangerine Road Corridor, I-10 to La Canada Drive”

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  1. Stringio

    Added April 02 2013

    Can Moore Rd be opened from Dove Mtn Rd going east? This would eliviate some of the traffic going east from Dove Mtn and keep it off Tangerine during construction. Just open it so we dont have to drive on Tangerine any more than necessary.

  2. Stringio

    Added February 14 2013

    Sidewalks for pedestrian traffic between Vista Ranch Pl and Tangerine Rd (0.5 mi) would benefit the recently filled Sky Ranch Estates community.

  3. Stringio

    Added February 14 2013

    Turning right into Sky Ranch Estates can be tricky at times with fast moving southbound Thorneydale traffic. A proper right turn lane would be very helpful for the members of this community.

  4. Stringio

    Added January 21 2013

    Waste of money

  5. Stringio

    Added April 13 2012

    According to the Town of Marana Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails Master Plan, the Tangerine corridor is described as a greenway. A corridor that typically features a path and trail, preserved native vegetation and/or landscape plantings, and pedestrian amenities. I see the paved path, but is there room for a natural trail. Will path and trail users be able to cross from north to south?

  6. Stringio

    Added March 12 2012

    I cannot believe the amount of money that will be spent for no good reason, this road is fine, it does not need to be changed at this time. I thought money was tight and other roads are much more in need of change or just plain maintenance. Just because a road is not a pretty as other does not mean it need millions to make it so. Traffic is fine on this road unless you are a hot head .. the speed is fine the two lanes are fine.. LEAVE IT ALONE

  7. Stringio

    Added March 08 2012

    This is so overdue. I can't wait for it's completion. We will than have a nice entrance to OV for those visiting and coming in from I10. Trucks should be right lane only.

  8. Stringio

    Added February 28 2012


  9. Stringio

    Added February 24 2012


  10. Stringio

    Added January 21 2012

    While we look forward to road improvements, we are concerned about an increase in traffic noise. Would it be possible to include noise barrier for homes in his are. We would suggest using vegetation such as large bushes or medium sized trees to help cut down on the noise.

  11. Stringio

    Added May 13 2011

    This roadway was improved last year with major delays, dust, confusing detours, etc. why wasn;t this new project incorporated into last year's project. Are you going to take into consideration that folks who work in Tempe, CG, Eloy, Chandler may also have to navigate other road construction projects that allow access to the I-10? If you don't , the commute time will likely double for many folks up here. Would you like to subsidize our time and gas expenditures?

    Seriously, there are other roadways in Tucson, Marana, Pima County with BIG potholes and disrepair that need attention far sooner than any part of Tangerine. Yeah, I get that you want the roadway "widened" but seriously, this is of lower priority than maintaining the existing infrastructure in other deteriorated areas of this county. I think this project is more driven by Accenture golf and private interests rather than the general good of all who live here including the wildlife and the natural flow of washes.

    Re-engineering the roadway to allow for the natural flow of water is a huge undertaking and unless well thought out, will provoke seasonal repairs of the washed out roadways. (yes this does happen) It must be clear to you that some of us are opposed to this "special interest project"

  12. Stringio

    Added May 02 2011

    I am interested in noise abatement along the entire route. Will low noise asphalt and berms be used to decrease the noise signature? The noise will be particularly noticeable on the uphill side of the road.

  13. Stringio

    Added April 13 2011

    Please take into consideration the proposed shops at tangerine and look into linking four lanes under the underpass. Also, once the construction starts can we have a timely project similar to ones in phoenix that always finish in half the time it would take in Tucson example La Canada project which looks like a parking lot with three people working on it.

  14. Stringio

    Added April 09 2011

    I hope this project will require a fast pace and visible project activity. The La Canada project seems more like a parking lot for equipment with few workers actually on site.

  15. Stringio

    Added April 08 2011

    I agree with comment # 20---just kidding.
    My real suggestion is that the segment from Dove Mtn to La Canada be done first.
    Excellent presentation last night!

  16. Stringio

    Added April 08 2011

    I hope El Tour de Tucson is re-routed during this project. This past event, I was caught in between cyclists. Marana Police should have shut the road completly down for a certain time when they knew a majority of cyclists were riding west bound. They allowed vehicles to drive on Tangerine, I had to keep close eye on cyclists and cross the opposite lane to allow enough room to passs.Unsafe for everyone.

  17. Stringio

    Added April 06 2011

    I would like the wildlife to be seriously considered. I suggest a wildlife underpass crossing every 1/2 mile. For sound buffering, would like to see native trees/shrubs and attractive walls without the tacky art embellishments. Sounds travel afar here in the desert. I moved here for the desert peace and it's native creatures. Thank you.

  18. Stringio

    Added April 05 2011

    This current intersection has enough room for those proceeding ahead and for those turning right to access the northbound I 10. However, most folks stop in the middle of the roadway because it is poorly marked. This causes traffic backup and prevents through traffic from proceeding to the freeway on ramp. Straight thorough traffic here should be stopped to the far left of the roadway, not in the middle. If this was clearly marked, no one would have to "squeeze" to drive around the clueless.

  19. Stringio

    Added April 04 2011

    Limit semi access or else this "improved" road will be more dangerous than it is now.

  20. Stringio

    Added April 04 2011

    Since the addition of the "So-called" acceleration/deceleration this area has become a chance for drivers to speed past slower traffic - making entrance and exit to business hazardous. This is likely to continue. Please consider turn lanes to facilitate safe motor home and large truck turns. It is essential that median crossings are available to accomodate a west bound I-10 access from Hayden Concrete Products.

  21. Stringio

    Added April 02 2011

    There is a significant amount of Eastbound traffic turning into the church in the morning -- please provide a right hand turn lane for this establishment.

  22. Stringio

    Added April 02 2011

    Please make sure the new road has the white and yellow reflectors on the road surface -- this is especially helpful at night (because there are no street lights) and when it is raining.

  23. Stringio

    Added April 02 2011

    Many AM eastbound travelers that intend to turn right and proceed southbound on Thornydale try to squeeze past cars planning to continue Eastbound on Tangerine. It is very easy for this intersection to get backed up in the morning. Given a 2 lane eastbound on Tangerine, it might not be as bad, but currently this is an issue.

  24. Stringio

    Added April 02 2011

    The curve in the road makes this an interesting intersection. When traveling northbound on Thornydale and turning left (to go westbound), the turn is odd. Also, some drivers are confused about the oncoming southbound Thornydale traffic and aren't sure if the traffic will be turning Eastbound or going to continue southbound on Thornydale. Can this intersection be straightened such that the directions of traffic are perpendicular? Lastly, the speed limit is undesirable at 30mph -- hopefully if the traffic can be perpendicular, it can go back up to 40 or 45. A majority of travelers do not follow the 30mph posted speed.

  25. Stringio

    Added April 02 2011

    This is a very poorly coordinated/timed light, especially in the morning headed eastbound, from a stop, at the intersection of Tangerine and Thornydale.