Comments for “City of Prineville Transportation System Plan”

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  1. Stringio

    Added January 13 2014

    The east side of the road on N Main between N.E. 10th St and N.E. Loper need to be wider for pedestrians walking up the hill. I have almost been hit by cars as there is just a narrow strip of dirt to walk in. It doesn't need to be paved. It just need some of that hill below the hospital to be scraped away so we aren't so close to the pavement..

  2. Stringio

    Added July 20 2013

    NE Laughlin does not have a bike lane and minimal shoulder (no shoulder in some areas). I've had some really close calls as vehicles try to squeeze by me when on my bike in this stretch (and I bike this stretch to work most week days).

  3. Stringio

    Added June 24 2013

    Please NO ROUNDABOUTS! This is not Sunriver or Bend. Lets not copy them!

  4. Stringio

    Added June 24 2013

    This bike/walking path is a great asset in Prineville. It would be nice to have it updated and maintained a little more, and extended in both directions. I'd really like to encourage more non motorized paths. Any place that can support one would be good, but actually thinking about them being used for commuting, linking divergent parts of the community would be especially nice. The rails to trails idea is great.

  5. Stringio

    Added June 20 2013

    If 3rd street were 1 way going east and 4th street were 1 way heading west it would allow for 2 lanes it would not reduce the parking on 3rd and would still allow for turn lanes off of it. This is much better than 4 lanes going east and west and taking out the parking and turn lanes from 3rd street.
    Encourages the growth of expansion on the downtown corridor 1 more block north and expedites traffic flow thru the town. Since the pool is in desperate need of being replaced it could easily be relocated. 4th could extend behind the church (church of Christ) 3rd street from east of the creek would also be able to be expanded 4 lanes wide for east west traffic if the need arises.

  6. Stringio

    Added June 20 2013

    change to round about would be better than turning across traffic from Millican and Airport way

  7. Stringio

    Added June 20 2013

    Turn lanes need to be provided for turning from 126 onto Tom McCall from both directions or reduce speed for round about

  8. Stringio

    Added December 06 2012

    at night we need the street lights and the cross walks together, many are very hard to see a person with dark clothing especially.

  9. Stringio

    Added December 04 2012

    Sidewalks provide access to pedestrians walking East and West along this corridor. Some sidewalks exist, but not along the entire length of 3rd street. It is not only a nuisance, but a danger. Suggest to facilitate future development and interest on this east commercial corridor of Prineville, that full sidewalks along both sides of the street be considered. In addition, please consider bike paths.

  10. Stringio

    Added December 01 2012

    At the south end of the library parking lot there is a one way sign that prevents cars from getting to the Library Park. Simply remove the one way sign to prevent park users from being illegal.

  11. Stringio

    Added December 01 2012

    9th Street is a truck route, yet large trucks have a difficults coming south on N Main and needing to turn right onto 9th. They appear to have to violate lanes to make the turn & this can create a danger zone, depending on traffic and the willingness of other vehicles to anticipate the turning radius and yield the lanes to trucks.

  12. Stringio

    Added December 01 2012

    There are no pedestrian crossings at this intersection, yet there are a lot of pedestrians who cross here. At times it appears very dangerous to those unable to run.

  13. Stringio

    Added November 29 2012

    Left turns to north bound Main fail to yield to oncoming. Signage on light stands "left turn must yeild to oncoming traffic", or the like would be helpful

  14. Stringio

    Added November 28 2012

    Offset oncoming traffic on 10th warrants better signage and striping

  15. Stringio

    Added November 27 2012

    There is no stop sign at the south west side of the intersection on Oregon St. I almost got hit going through this intersection.

  16. Stringio

    Added November 27 2012

    Right side turn lanes would be great, not just at this intersection, but all over town. If the first car at an intersection is waiting to go straight across, or turn left, the cars behind the first car that want to turn right could move through & away from the intersection. Traffic is frequently backed up during peak driving hours due to this, even though there is plenty of room for a right hand turn lane.

  17. Stringio

    Added November 27 2012

    There is very poor visibility when turning from NE Dunham onto NE 4th St in either direction, due to vehicles diagonally parked on NE 4th. Also, the bus stop is there, and the buses frequently block the cross walk.

  18. Stringio

    Added November 26 2012

    Consider wheelchair or golf cart travel. I never thought much of this until I lost my right leg. I try to avoid the busy areas and times but for some locations you must cross third or go north on main. I will help in ay way I can.

  19. Stringio

    Added November 26 2012

    Eliminating parking and left turn lanes on 3rd would provide enough room for two traffic lanes in each direction. Existing parking spaces are not now widely used so the loss could be made up by creating and maximizing parking on 2nd and 4th. The conversion to a four lane road would allow for traffic to turn right from 3rd, and then to go around the block to cross 3rd at the lights located on Deer, Main, and Elm.

  20. Stringio

    Added November 26 2012

    Heavy volume of traffic 6-8am, around noon and again 3-5:30pm. Posted speed is 25mph. Prineville Police Department indicates they are aware of volume and of speeding, yet are unable to enforce speed laws. Any transportation plan should dedicate funding for traffic law enforcement, while mimimizing by-pass traffic into residential neighborhoods.

  21. Stringio

    Added October 04 2012

    Prineville is eventually going to need a larger transit hub station. The current main Community Connector pickup location, here behind City Hall, is nice b/c it's centrally located, but it has parking constraints. What would be a good new location for an upgraded combined P&R lot and transit hub?

  22. Stringio

    Added October 04 2012

    The existing P&R lot at this location is not ADA compliant and is under-utilized. CET and the city should consider a new location and additional marketing of the bus/carpool/vanpool opportunities.

  23. Stringio

    Added September 05 2012

    Pedestrian crossing when school is released in the afternoon can stop traffic for extended times as there is no reasonable break in foot traffic to allow motorized traffic to proceed. Is there a way to manage pedestrian traffic crossing during specific school times that would allow motorized traffic to travel a major east-west roadway safely?

  24. Stringio

    Added September 05 2012

    Crossing Main Street at points other than the central stop light is difficult due to congestion. Creating additional safe crossing points (stoplights - 4way stops - roundabouts) may alleviate some of the congestion off of 3rd Street as people could use alternate east-west routes.

  25. Stringio

    Added September 05 2012

    Traffic can become congested during work/school commute. The hiking trail up to viewpoint adds another element as hikers park on the north side of the road and walk across the highway to the trailhead. This is a great trail, but may want to designate a crossing area further away from the intersection.