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  1. Stringio

    Added October 21 2013

    Please take down the I-10 overpass, but reuse the painted columns. We need to respect and honor those who were never given a voice in the first place, and then forced to live with this disastrous highway project, and have used its underside for Mardi Gras cookouts, car-repair/maintenance spaces, sleeping/living spaces for the homeless (especially after Hurricane Katrina), and starting points for Mardi Gras Indian celebrations. They have truly made the best out of a terrible situation. If the expressway comes down, the painted columns should become a backdrop for a raised performance area or public gathering spot.

  2. Open-uri20131009-21104-1e3688r?1381368257

    Added October 10 2013

    This block is the Mahalia Jackson Center/Complex and it is beautiful. But, it is more like an island and it would help if the streets/streetscape around it would be more developed and blight taken care of.

  3. Stringio

    Added October 10 2013

    This area is adjacent to the Guste Apartments and is home for the elderly. It would be nice if the green areas in this block were more developed. Union Bethel Church is nearby but there's still this concrete jungle like aspect to this area.

  4. Open-uri20131009-19452-1qx03gk?1381367520

    Added October 10 2013

    This intersection is a mess and needs some redesigning. Lot of congestion when coming off the S.Claiborne bridge portion and making a left onto M.L.K. Blvd.

  5. Open-uri20131009-17844-bi1z0q?1381366766

    Added October 10 2013

    Streets around this area, like Third street need repaving.

  6. Stringio

    Added September 29 2013

    Don't take down the I-10. The damage to the neighborhood has already been done; there is no way to get back the invaluable historic structures that were razed in the 1960's. This expressway has become THE major access route to getting from the Quarter/Marigny/Bywater/Esplanade Ridge to Metairie and Kenner. The lack of grocery stores, physicians, and shopping in this part of the city, which has been lost over the course of the last 20 years, makes it even more imperative this portion of the I-10 remain standing so that residents can access these essential services. In addition, residents rely on this thoroughfare to get to their jobs--both those commuting into the city as well as those commuting out into the surrounding parishes.

  7. Stringio

    Added September 24 2013

    Family Resources of New Orleans, 20 year history on N. Claiborne Ave. providing Homebuyer and Credit training to first time homebuyers in Treme' and local residents. Only HUD certified counseling agency and certified city of n.o. community housing development organization(chdo) in the immediate area.

  8. Stringio

    Added September 16 2013

    Connect the Riverfront expressway with the Livable Claiborne communities through "active transportation". Bike lanes from the Riverfront expressway to Armstrong Park and Armstrong Park to Lafitte Greenway should be considered to enhance Livable Claiborne communities. Rampart streetcar must connect to Loyola line and Canal without the need for a transfer.

  9. Stringio

    Added August 13 2013

    Bring back the Traffic Circle and ad something like the freedom parkway (in Atlanta) from the circle though the current I-10 alignment to the current location of the I-10/I-610 split.

  10. Open-uri20130806-10444-1pq3zx8?1375804717

    Added August 06 2013

    In response to comment: cities such as Houston are creating urban sprawl and is seriously detrimental to environment. Besides, we are not like other american cities, which makes us so great. We live in a very vulnerable environment of swamps, wetlands, etc which we need to preserve as much as we do our New Orleans culture. This culture wouldn't even exist without the unique landscape surrounding the city providing us with our history of diverse people and local seafood/wildlife. There are other ways to solve this problem by working with community and environment. Redirecting traffic would only be a few mins difference and all of economic development that would take place for our local business would make up for the extra dollars spent redirecting hauling trucks. Our community and people are important, I believe we can find a creative solution to this problem.

  11. Stringio

    Added August 06 2013

    Despite the intense road noise and dangers of walking to the quarter underneath I-10 at night, I chose to live here. This is a great community, great people, and has so much potential which I truly believe in. This area desperately needs green space! Currently everyone walks their dogs on Esplanade. And a grocery store/commercial development within close proximity such as circle grocery (excited it will reopen). This is historically/currently a vital area even with the overpass (Mardi Gras, second lines, parties, Manchu, etc.) Just think of what it could be with trees and enjoyable spaces for all the people who currently use it as a concrete park.

  12. Open-uri20130805-10444-1whq6hw?1375723412

    Added August 05 2013

    Corner of Esplanade and Claiborne needs to be cleaned up. Need more quality, affordable housing.

  13. Stringio

    Added May 30 2013

    Tear down the westbound 1-10 side between Canal St. and St. Bernard Ave, BUT keep the eastbound route as an elevated promenade and active transportation highway. Repurposing as an elevated greenway would complement tailgating at the Superdome, the South Market residential development, the Tulane, teaching, and VA hospitals, the skyway that runs under the expressway on Gravier, the Lafitte Greenway, and the area around the soon-to-open Circle Foods. In place of the westbound portion, plant cypress trees that will help with water management. Such an elevated greenway would also tie-in nicely with the complete streets makeover of Tulane Ave and Esplanade Ave. Access can easily be restricted at night, so crime should not be a problem. Surface traffic along that portion will help spur commercial development. This would provide better and safer connectivity for active transport in the city and would be a "people mover" for the tourism industry. The Florida-West End exit has ample space to allow access to the 610 eastbound, which will accomodate 18-wheelers coming from the Felicity St. gate.

  14. Stringio

    Added May 24 2013

    It needs to come down. Its a traffic bottleneck. Let this go back to the neighborhood. Surface roads can be controlled with modern technology.

  15. Stringio

    Added March 22 2013

    What will happen with the McDonogh 35 site when the school is relocated to Gentilly?

  16. Stringio

    Added March 20 2013

    I went to both meetings at Ashe Cultural and Craig Elementary. I recommend SCENARIO 2 and SCENARIO 3. This includes creating more homeownership opportunities in the area from Broad Avenue to Claiborne. This area needs more homeownership opportunities in the area since 70% are renters currently. I would lean to wide range of housing in the area but with more single family than big massive apartments in the area. I would not recommend anything larger than 4 stories high. Businesses should line Claiborne with range of housing option off the Claiborne Avenue headed back to Broad Avenue. I like the Claiborne Avenue being the “Corridor of Culture” in the area. This includes restaurants and businesses from various countries: Indian, Asian, African, Jamaican, and Vietnamese etc. By doing this, destinations are created in the area. My biggest complaint is more green space & trees in the area which includes landscaping along Orleans, Ursulines, Bienville. Therefore, I recommend installation of Lafitte Corridor with bike and walking trails. This area does have potential and will contribute in building tax base for the City of New Orleans.

  17. Stringio

    Added March 19 2013

    Tear down the expressway. Restore Oak trees. Add a bike lane that connects to Lafitte Corridor. Add a streetcar. No drive through facilities from Canal to Elysian. Add commercial buildings no more than 4 floors with parking and 1st floor retail on ground floor. Don't leave columns but move to a park as a sculpture installation.

  18. Stringio

    Added March 18 2013

    Expressway must go. As a real estate owner and developer in the area, the interstate is the single biggest obstacle to redevelopment of the Claiborne corridor. There is no compromise that works. The only solution is the removal of the expressway to Elysian Fields. Traffic on S claiborne moves at a very healthy pace. There will be very little traffic disruption by the removal of the i-10

  19. Open-uri20130710-27835-18dz5m8?1373497483

    Added March 09 2013

    Don't remove this expressway. In order to have a successful thriving city, you need to have a good transportation system. Look at the thriving cities in this country, (Houston, Atlanta, Austin, etc.). All these cities have highway networks that are constantly expanding to meet the growth of the city they are in. The notion of tearing down a portion of freeway and thinking that it is going to help commerce is not logical. Other cities have removed portions of freeways that don't really connect to anything. The I-10 is not only an important route of commerce through New Orleans, it is a cross country freeway that spans from coast to coast. There should be other options for replacing the freeway instead of getting rid of it completely. Options such as relocating, placing the freeway in a trench (yes, it can be done with today's technology so it won't flood), or even placing the freeway in a tunnel under the current right of way (again, yes this can be done with today's technology). These are alternatives that will help the city grow and hopefully catch up to the other cities that prospered while New Orleans fell behind.

  20. Open-uri20130710-27835-1je53ee?1373497483

    Added March 07 2013

    this is the last block that needs a serious cleanup for a long space encourage bar and club to pick up after big nights

  21. Open-uri20130710-27835-dm2vvc?1373497483

    Added March 07 2013

    double size of park for nice greenspace not parking a nice elderly exercise park would work

  22. Open-uri20130710-27835-13c7nj4?1373497483

    Added March 07 2013

    clarify correct name of the park: Marcus Garvey or Taylor park.

  23. Open-uri20130710-27835-1bqzqrg?1373497483

    Added March 07 2013

    roads around this beautiful and wellused park are deplorable. fix the water leaks and add angle in parking

  24. Stringio

    Added March 06 2013

    No question that this community got shafted when the green space with beautiful trees was supplanted with concrete pillars and awful road noise.
    Making the neighborhood whole by moving the elevated roadway seems way too expensive.
    Something should be done, for sure. Bravo to the activists for starting this conversation.

  25. Stringio

    Added February 27 2013

    Remove the Interstate here. It's ruined, and continues to ruin, a big part of our city and n-hoods. Bad thing in the first place.