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RVATP Online Open House

This map shows the proposed Regional Active Transportation Network, the proposed designations for each route, and each route’s draft priority (high, medium, or low). We want your input! Please review the description of the prioritization process below and then rank the projects on the map.

The line colors coordinate with the proposed designation and rank as shown in the legend below:


The regional active transportation network described in this plan is intended to serve daily and recreational travel in the urban and rural areas within the Rogue Valley MPO boundary. The regional active transportation network includes three functional classifications:

Regional Routes
Regional Routes are the highest level routes in active transportation network. These routes are envisioned to provide the highest quality facilities, the greatest level of comfort, and appeal to the widest cross section of users. Regional Routes connect communities and key destinations within the RVMPO boundary, including the Bear Creek Greenway, which serves as the backbone of the regional active transportation network and a primary Regional Route. Regional Routes can be on or along streets or separated paths and trails.

Connector Routes
Connectors Routes serve as shorter, regionally significant connections between the Regional Routes and key destinations. Connectors Routes are designated links to major employers, transit hubs, schools, and other regional destinations identified through the public engagement process.

Minor Connector Routes
Minor Connector Routes are important locally to provide connections within communities and to help provide access to the Connector Routes and Regional Routes. Not all of the potential Regional and Connector Routes are suitable today for safe walking or biking due to factors such as incomplete or missing sidewalks, lack of paved shoulders and/or unsafe crossings. With your help, we will prioritize these routes for improvements to be made over time as funds become available.

These routes have been prioritized to align with the following goals:

  • Goal 1: Safe and Secure

  • Goal 2: Connected and Accessible

  • Goal 3: Attractive and Appealing

  • Goal 4: Community Vitality

  • Goal 5: Regional Collaboration

  • Please follow the instructions from the "INSTRUCTIONS" box at the right side of the page to provide your input. Note that the orange lines in the "Planned Routes" are parts of the proposed network that are not along an existing roadway. Click on this layer to turn it off to see the proposed route designation and priority.

    Thank you!

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    1. Zoom and pan the map to find the location you're looking for.
    2. Click the line you'd like to evaluate.
    3. Select "Add Comment" in the Blue Box at the bottom-right corner of the page.
    4. Select a high, medium, or low priority for that route based on your thoughts on priorities.
    5. Provide a comment that explains your feedback.

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