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  1. June 24 2021

    Sr 80 Expressway Modify Airport Ramps to Exit on Southbound Australian And the expressway could start there take out Kirk Rd intersection or build a bridge so People can Go under the highway to get to the Perimeter Rd. of Airport Military and Haverhill could Be upgraded to accommodate more and easier traffic flow
    also I would take out the sidewalks and median that is raised so the Road could accommodate 4 travel lanes and Swag lanes between exits. After Haverhill Rd. I would Provide a access Rd. maybe a 2 to 4 lane access Rd. Maybe by Moving The east bound lanes a little to the south or over The west Palm Beach canal People could access This frontage Rd. Via Haverhill or Jog The Road could take traffic from Cleary Bvld at the Florida Turnpike I would build Ramps from The Turnpike to connect it Northbound and Southbound The North side Frontage Rd. Could handle Pike Rd. a Exit between Benoist Farms and Lyons Rd. a exit To Fairgrounds Rd. The northside frontage Rd would contue through Sr7 interchange to serve Business on Northside of the Rd.
    at tutle Lane and lamstein Ln, Have a exit from eastbound under the West bound lanes to exit at The frontage Rd. and also for Royalpalm amd little ranches A full interchange with Forest Hill Crestwood folsom Rd. with acess to the frontage Rd. for Palms west Hospital a bridge under highway for Big Blue trace and f rd. a bridge over Flying cow Rd. to connect c rd. and northside frontage rd. ainterchage with Binks forest frontage Rd could provide acess to PBSC a interchange with Seminole pratt amd whitney Rd. with acess to North Frontage Rd. could Be used for Lion Country Rd. Interchange with Arden Entrance and Palm Beach aggregates connection to corners hwy with a exit at SR 15 outside Belle Glade. Between Arden and Fpl Maybe build a north collector Rd. that Could connect all new Developments from Westlake Indian trail and Avenair to Sr 80 would this project be able to qualify as a interstate like 595 in Broward This could really Help to manage traffic flows on Okeechobee and Belvedere and Forest Hill Bvld.

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  2. February 22 2018

    The right turn lane on the Northwest side of the intersection should be transformed into a channelized right-turn lane, or add a right-turn arrow traffic light for this lane.

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  3. February 22 2018

    There should be a protected/dedicated lane for Eastbound traffic on Southern Blvd to continue through the intersection without stopping. Vehicles wishing to make a left turn onto Southern Blvd could turn onto a newly created merge lane built on the median to increase traffic flow.

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  4. February 22 2018

    The light at Kirk Road and Southern Blvd should not be eliminated because drivers who work at businesses along Perimeter Road or who live off of Kirk Road would be cut off with a lack of a light.

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  5. February 22 2018

    Vehicles making a left hand turn at the intersection from Crestwood Blvd S and Forest Hill Blvd regularly run the light. I think that the timing of the light should be looked at to increase safety for other drivers.

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  6. December 05 2017

    The intersection at Lion Country Road is currently extremely dangerous w trucks heading east and west, running the light on a regular basis. Please consider this area when doing the project. I would think that Arden is going to have similar issues if the problem is not addresses from the get go
    Thank you!

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  7. December 04 2017

    Recognizing that moving traffic along SR80 is the focus, whatever is proposed at the SR80/441 intersection needs to model stacking on 441 heading N turning left onto SR80. On weekends and rush hours this stacking is deep and well past the end of the turn lane. It is often difficult to come out of the Home Depot shopping plaza on its S exit and expect to turn left from 441 onto SR80. Stacking gets that deep!

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  8. December 04 2017

    Events continue to grow at the Fairgrounds. It is too often to see poor operations of moving traffic in and out of this venue. Operations plan should be reviewed to make initial temporary improvements. Signage for those coming to concerts and the fair needs to begin much further out to provide instructions on how to get into the fair grounds. Starting signage at Sansburys for those coming W to the fairgrounds is too late. It should be farther east to direct all traffic into the right lane. Coming East during South Florida Fair can back traffic up on multiple lanes that those who need to turn around at an intersection to do regular travel to other businesses cant.

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  9. December 04 2017

    This intersection may be the cause for slowing down a good bit of a east bound commuter's commute in the mornings. East bound turning left onto Sansburys Way appears to be the most backed up intersection during morning rush. This is perfect for a flyover! Or add additional turn lanes if you have ROW on the N side you can take to shift the W bound lanes N a lane or two! Need to shorten the turning times to keep less through traffic stacking!

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  10. December 04 2017

    There is a large population at both the SFWMD and PBSO who live in the Western, Southern, and Northern Communities. There is no easy public transportation to get here. The Tri rail "express bus" runs from the Lake Worth station, but is NOT express or very convenient in terms of timing for working commuters. For hubs like this, Washington DC has taken advantage of community commuter express bus systems. This is used at places where dense working populations are like the Pentagon. Cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia also employ these systems to get commuters back out to their suburbs and out of their cars. A short survey may find that there is enough Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, and Boynton Beach populations that work for SFWMD and PBSO that a bus or two running only at commuter hours directly to a parking hub in each of these locations would be fruitful. The service could be operated via contract with bus companies, and could be a monthly subscription service for the rider that if cheaper and faster than their current commute, would be successful.

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  11. December 04 2017

    While removing the light at this location would be helpful with E/W flow on SR80, there is a large contingent of commuters who are employed at the SFWMD, National Guard, and PBSO who access their places of employment on Gun Club, East of Kirk Rd., via this intersection. The light turning left from Kirk onto Southern in the afternoons is VERY long and traffic stacks completely on Kirk in multiple left turn lanes, so there is a decent demand for access from Kirk, onto Southern.
    If an Access road connecting Military/Haverhill/Kirk were possible, it would keep these commuters out of the Glun Club residential communities and off of Southern from the West for at least a portion of their commute from the western communities.

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  12. September 23 2017

    Please study the way dot looked at the same type of problem in Broward with east/west running St.Rd.84 in the 80's. A lot can be learned.

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  13. December 23 2015

    In case the issue of noise abatement has already not been considered...Many of the homes in Wellington subdivisions like Hidden Creek, Pine Trace, Paddock Park, etc. back up to the East/West canal that runs parallel to Southern Blvd. Many residents in these homes specifically chose this area due to its distance from the noise and traffic of the Eastern communities. Now that Southern is being turned into a "highway", the issue of traffic noise must be addressed.

    I am not educated on the technical aspects of the solutions available (beyond seeing walls built like the one that separates Counterpoint Estates in RPB from sr7), but I do request that SOME solution is implemented. Than You.

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  14. December 21 2015

    This future right lane to provide access to a proposed RaceTrac project will be extremely detrimental to the flow of traffic west and to the safety of the bicyclists using the bike lanes. The letter from FDOT that states this is an Access C roadway does not seem applicable given the density of current development and the future number of cars accessing the 20 pump gas station and 6,000 sq.ft convenience store which is about 7,000 cars /day and 2 10,000 gal. gas tankers/day. This is in the Traffic Rpt (Oct.15, 2015) by McMahoun.

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  15. December 19 2015

    The Cypress Key residential development along the SR 80 north side will be greatly impacted by the taking of land to widen the road. Particular consideration needs to be taken in working with the residents and the Village of Royal Palm Beach before a final determination on the disposition of the roadway.

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  16. December 19 2015

    Have concerns about the proposed Race Trac gas station at the NW intersection of RPB Blvd & SR80: The taking of the land will further increase the traffic congestion and impact the safety of the roadway. The project barely fits the lot now and with less land will impact the viability of that project. I request you review your current letter Access letter for this development as it is incorrect. The lot is not undeveloped and the gas pumps are 20 & not 18 as defined in your supporting letter.

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  17. December 18 2015

    Turning left to go north on US441 from westbound SR80 is extremely dangerous. Having traffic keep LEFT is counter-intuitive and unlike almost all other similar types of intersections.

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  18. December 17 2015

    Eliminate signal at Fairgrounds Road - turn into right-in/right-out only, and provide new access to fairgrounds from Lyons Rd to provide full access to those coming from the west. This signal really is only necessary for the few times a year a major event is held at the fairgrounds

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  19. December 17 2015

    Eliminate signal at Benoist Farms- turn into right in/right out only

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  20. December 17 2015

    No matter comes of the road, the pbc traffic engineers will destroy any kind of improved flow with their seemingly random, thoughtless and inept timing of the lights. Every light in the county is 150% too long (except the few that are,literally, two seconds!?). Result: the creation of huge, endless waves of vehicles which prevent joining the road from (any) crossing street until the upstream light changes. In short, the light system creates total paralysis countywide.

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  21. December 11 2015

    Why does Southern transition to 45mph between here and the 95. Should be raised to at least 50 like the rest. Everyone just continues with the 50 or more they were doing before anyways.

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  22. December 11 2015

    With removal of this light & also access directly to & from the collector streets on the N. side between Jog & Haverhill there should be no reason for the already artificially low 45MPH speed limit anymore. 50MPH or 55MPH would be a much better move.

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  23. December 10 2015

    Turning left from north-bound SR7 onto west-bound SR80 gets really backed up, requiring multiple lights at most times of day.
    Maybe a high fly-over to make that movement could be done?
    A single lane bridge that rises from NB SR7 and loops 90 degrees west and then merges down into WB SR80 ?

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  24. December 10 2015

    Elimination of the traffic light at Cleary Road will do little unless a full and unimpeded interchange is constructed between SR80 and the turnpike. This would be extensive but very welcomed. If the traffic lights for turnpike access are not eliminated, the light at Cleary Road, annoying as it is, can stay and the money directed elsewhere.

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  25. December 10 2015

    I fully agree that the traffic light at Kirk Road should be eliminated. This will allow non-stop traffic flow from just east of the turnpike to just west of I-95 as it should be (should have been from the start).

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