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  1. September 27 2023 Clayton Gibson

    Cliffdale Rd

    Please add protected bikelanes

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  2. September 27 2023 Clayton Gibson

    Hoke Loop Rd

    Please do not add to the number of car lanes as it will disrupt residential life. Many residents would like a more comprehensive sidewalk layout and protected bike lanes. Adding a car free way to get to the supermarket from the various neighborhoods on Hoke Loop would reduce car traffic. There are thousands of residents within walking distance to the supermarket, but do not have a safe way to make the walk as there are no sidewalks or crosswalks for the most car heavy portion of the road. Additionally an elderly resident was struck by a car on the road, and a runaway car ran into someone's yard. Adding more car lanes would contribute to the frequency of issues like this, reduce air quality, and decrease happiness and land value in the community.

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  3. September 27 2023 Wes Balmer

    Cars on Ramsey St above Stacy Weaver routinely drive at highway speeds, creating unsafe conditions for cyclists and peds. Reduce speed to 35 and enforce--- or rename it Ramsey Highway. Thank you!

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  4. May 31 2023 Tiffany Colter

    Neighborhood sidewalks for pedestrians, bike lanes

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