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  1. Stringio

    Added March 04 2015

    Hwy 1 bridge overcrossing of Kern Ave. is lacking sufficiently wide shoulders (both sides of the bridge) for approximately 0.1 mile plus it's approaches. There is existing a dangerous set of conditions not providing for the 3-feet passing law and safe routes to schools provisions as well AS SAFE TRAVEL LANES OR SHOULDERS FOR CYCLISTS.

  2. Stringio

    Added March 04 2015

    Consistent Class II bike lanes are needed on Orcutt Road between San Luis Obispo and Lopez Drive, Corbett Canyon Road, Highway 227, Biddle Road and Buckley Road. Commuters from the south county are using these roads to avoid Highway 101, posing a safety risk to bicyclists. These motorists speed, pass unsafely and drive aggressively.

  3. Stringio

    Added March 04 2015

    Class II bike lanes are needed from Highway 58 from Santa Margarita to Highway 229 to make it safer for bicyclists.

  4. Stringio

    Added March 04 2015

    Caltrans needs to add Class II bike lanes or shoulders on Highway 41 between Morro Bay and Atascadero to provide for a complete highway and active transportation. Years ago when there was no traffic, bicycling on Highway 41 was wonderful. Today, cycling Highway 41 is dangerous and unpleasant because of heavy, aggressive and and speeding motorists.

  5. Stringio

    Added February 18 2015

    S. Thompson Road has a lot of bike and pedestrian traffic, accidents every year. The rightaway could be improved with a class 1 bike/ped trail that would benefit the east side of Nipomo and connect to other paths and parks in development, creating safe routes.

  6. Stringio

    Added February 11 2015

    Please add traffic lights at the San Anselmo/101 ramps.

  7. Stringio

    Added February 11 2015

    Please add traffic lights at the Curbaril/101 ramps.

  8. Stringio

    Added February 10 2015

    Southbound motorists along highway 101 in this area face directly into rising the sun on an uphill stretch of the highway. This occurs primarily during December and January, when traffic is also heavier at and shortly after sunrise. A sign or other structure placed over the roadway just past the crest of the hill could alleviate this hazard

  9. Stringio

    Added February 05 2015

    It is frightening to ride or walk on this road, but alternative routs are far out of the way.

  10. Stringio

    Added February 05 2015

    The little portion of the path under the freeway and through the trees to get to the bike path is extremely dark at night. Cyclists and pedestrians don't feel safe traveling through here in the winter when it gets dark early. Lights would make this area feel so much safer.

  11. Stringio

    Added February 05 2015

    It's really hard for cyclists to get into downtown once they reach the end of the bike path. They must cross lanes of freeway entering/existing traffic or end up traveling the wrong way on the sidewalk up Marsh St.

  12. Stringio

    Added February 05 2015

    Cyclists get pushed off the road on Broad St by motorists who have no idea what sharrows are. Cyclists should use Morro instead, but this isn't always practical.

  13. Stringio

    Added February 05 2015

    I see a lot of cyclists and even runners on the portions of Orcutt that do not have bike lanes. Cars are passing at high speeds and visibility is impaired at certain times of the day when the sun is lower in the sky.

  14. Stringio

    Added February 05 2015

    This street is often used by cyclists traveling downtown from the foothill area. The "party lanes" where cars park are often confused as bike lanes by motorists, who think cyclists should ride in these lanes even though they'd be at risk of getting hit by opening car doors. A bike boulevard would be great.

  15. Stringio

    Added February 05 2015

    Cars frequently have to slow down for pedestrians darting across the street here. A mid-block cross walk would help.

  16. Stringio

    Added February 04 2015

    Add sidewalks or a shoulder along Capistrano Ave, as this has high pedestrian usage, including being a safe route to the high school and jr. high school.

  17. Stringio

    Added February 04 2015

    Increase express bus service between Atascadero and SLO. Provide "safe ride home" options for North County residents from SLO on Friday and Saturday nights.

  18. Stringio

    Added February 04 2015

    Operational improvements needed on Hwy 41 between ECR and Sta Ysabel/Capistrano. Too many lane movements, left turns, etc. Particularly bad during JHS pickup/dropoff hours.

  19. Stringio

    Added February 04 2015

    Need a pedestrian crosswalk. Alternatively, consider closing Monterey to vehicular traffic between Santa Rosa and Osos to expand the courthouse plaza gathering area.

  20. Stringio

    Added January 30 2015

    The bridge in this area is extremely narrow and dangerous for Highway 1 cyclists.

  21. Stringio

    Added January 28 2015

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put some sort of lights in the bus stops !!
    I do not feel safe waiting in the dark in a dark bus stop.
    I have had buses pass right by me at the stop several times because they could not see me there.
    Perhaps you could partner with someone like PGE or SoCalGas or local medical group to provide/sell small blinking lights(branded with their logo) that customers waiting for transit in the dark could turn on so drivers see them. This would be a good community service project for these companies.
    Do we really have to wait until someone is violated before action is taken ?

  22. Stringio

    Added January 28 2015

    Please be able to provide parking information (or obtain parking privelages) for those commuters who need to leave a car all day at a bus stop. I attempted to get this information when I began commuting from Santa Maria to SLO on the bus and Rideshare was NO HELP in helping me find an approved place to park where I would not be towed. Their response , "Go around and ask some of the local businesses yourself." Really...I am at work all day ?!

  23. Open-uri20150127-564-ocypex?1422405652

    Added January 28 2015

    There needs to be a flashing crosswalk here. During the day and night it is always hard to see people crossing.

  24. Stringio

    Added January 28 2015

    The two lane road between 227 and S. Higuera is so narrow and heavily traveled by vehicles, bikes and pedestrians. Please widen and provide enough room for all. Also PLEASE post for bikes to ride in single file and fine riders for riding two across. Thank you!!

  25. Stringio

    Added January 27 2015

    It would be nice to have a bus route from no. co. to lower higuera st.