Comments for “Drexel University Master Plan”

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  1. Open-uri20130711-27835-6tblxz?1373560775

    Added August 05 2011

    We're not UPenn and that's a good thing but frankly, our Lancaster Walk is really nothing more than a broken up strip of concrete and poorly maintained trees. The path is in need of fresh concrete or pavers, and a few landscape or architectural features that take advantage of this dividing line between the academic and residential parts of campus. The Rush Building and its small but beautiful courtyard is the walk's only gem.

  2. Open-uri20130711-27835-trp0lu?1373560775

    Added July 29 2011

    I was born and raised here, but then I left to become the Prince of Bel-Air.

    -Will Smith

  3. Open-uri20130711-27835-1g9j8xv?1373560775

    Added July 26 2011

    This building is ugly. Drexel should kick out the PPA, destroy the building, and put in a beautiful retail center. (grocery store, restaurants, shops). The locations is great with all the traffic from 30th street. It also is a popular area for students since Crossings is right next to it. It will help extend the campus feel down market st towards center city.

  4. Stringio

    Added July 22 2011

    Hard to cross Chestnut Street because cyclists turn illegally during the leading pedestrian interval.

  5. Open-uri20130711-27835-kgvv0b?1373560775

    Added June 27 2011

    the crosswalk should be widened and also directional/diagonal toward 30th street station (presently toward West Philly). This should help calm traffic for pedestrians walking towards 30th street station.

  6. Open-uri20130711-27835-txthhu?1373560775

    Added June 20 2011

    I would like to see a bus shelter for the 38/43 bus here. It doesn't necessarily need a bench. I am a bike rider, but when it is raining or snowing, I take these buses to get home so I prefer to wait beneath a shelter.

  7. Stringio

    Added June 18 2011

    The 34th Street Station needs improved access for the disabled or partially disabled. The nearest access for those handicapped is 30th St Station a full 4 blocks away from this location if this is where students need to be. An elevator and/or escalator is needed to improve access at this station.

  8. Stringio

    Added June 18 2011

    The 33rd Street Station needs to be improved. The access here for the disabled or partially disabled is terrible for a station that is smack dab in the center of campus. The station needs elevators and/or escalators to street level.

  9. Stringio

    Added June 18 2011

    Seriously uncomfortable pedestrian experience from 31st street across the Chestnut Street bridge. IRS has made the situation WORSE with bollards/security OBSESSION.

  10. Open-uri20130711-27835-l9ez83?1373560776

    Added June 18 2011

    Like the convenience of having Mega/Bolt bus service available, but agree that without significant modification this site is inappropriate for these buses.

  11. Open-uri20130711-27835-1y11a4v?1373560776

    Added June 18 2011

    Preserving Residential parking is a necessary and important thing for residents of the neighborhood. That's the point. Anyone able to prove residency in the neighborhood and registering their car in Philadelphia is eligible ... students are NOT excluded. Commuters should be encouraged to use structured parking, or alternatives to cars.

  12. Stringio

    Added June 18 2011

    Food truck here are an obstruction and danger to pedestrians and need to go! Serious thought needs to be given to the clearing the areas around pedestrian crossings of parked cars (bumpouts!) so that drivers have a clear view of pedestrians when approaching these areas! Caution sign in the street is good, but not enough.

  13. Stringio

    Added June 18 2011

    Would second the comment that this is one of the most impossible intersections in and around the Drexel campus. Cars literally race along till they hit traffic at the intersection. Cars try to beat traffic by making right turns from the left lane. Daily jams!

    Would compliment Drexel on the programmable Pyramid Lights along 32nd Street ... more engaging art works of this kind would be great.

  14. Stringio

    Added June 18 2011

    36th Street is a major connector between Powelton and much of the retail in the neighborhood on Chestnut and Walnut Streets. The blocks between Lancaster and Ludlow need serious attention to make this walk more comfortable, safe and pleasant.

  15. Open-uri20130711-27835-lez765?1373560776

    Added June 18 2011

    Could 34th Street be a place to experiment with taking bike paths out of the traffic lanes as NYC has done in many places?

  16. Open-uri20130711-27835-1gyam49?1373560776

    Added June 18 2011

    Live two doors from here ... frequency of accidents at this intersection is scary. Slowing down traffic on 34th Street is critical to reducing the number and seriousness of collisions.

  17. Open-uri20130711-27835-169ghuo?1373560777

    Added June 18 2011

    This intersection has daily traffic jams. The sidewalks are impassible for weeks in the winter with piles of snow plowed from the street. Bike lanes and sidewalks are uncomfortably narrow.

  18. Open-uri20130711-27835-1q2neu8?1373560777

    Added June 18 2011

    This is a critical gateway intersection! It is VERY important in forming image of visitors to University City/Powelton/Drexel. Three of the 4 corners need serious improvement and something needs to be done on a regular basis about garbage that collects here.

  19. Open-uri20130711-27835-1or7y4n?1373560777

    Added June 18 2011

    Stop sign here is great to help bikers and runners cross onto the greenway. Problem is 1 car in 3 ignores the stop sign, or doesn't see it.

  20. Open-uri20130711-27835-jsvkcj?1373560777

    Added June 18 2011

    Speed bumps and bumpouts should be installed to slow down traffic at multiple intersections from Powelton Ave. through Market Street. If at all possible bumpouts at intersections should be continued North of Powelton Ave to Mantua Avenue. PVCA is on record as sporting this. Drexel Committed to bumpouts at Race Street at both 34th Street and 33rd Street.

  21. Stringio

    Added June 16 2011

    It can be dangerous for pedestrians crossing 34th St. here, because many don't wait for the walk signal and just start crossing as soon as the light is green. Drivers turning left from Market have right of way first and they go FAST.

  22. Open-uri20130711-27835-7d2xpf?1373560777

    Added June 15 2011

    Does anyone even know that this used to be called Spangler Street?

  23. Stringio

    Added June 15 2011

    the 34th street subway station is a major transportation hub and is very severely overlooked. With CoMAD moving into 3501, I can see this becoming a very important station for getting to and from center city, especially for the co-op/evening students (especially architecture!) who work during the day and take classes at night two to three nights a week.

  24. Open-uri20130711-27835-flav6j?1373560777

    Added June 15 2011

    There should be a traffic light or stop sign at this intersection. Because of the downhill slope, cars fly down this road and many students cross at this intersection, because powelton ave and lancaster ave are both too far a walk if you are travelling to this area. People travelling through this area should know that they are on a college campus, not on a freeway.

  25. Open-uri20130711-27835-16d6am7?1373560778

    Added June 15 2011

    There needs to be a crosswalk and/or stop all way at this intersection. 32nd street is really tight with parking on both sides and bikes having to travel in the car lane because of lack of bike lanes, and cars frequently travel 35+ down this road because it's a straight downhill run from powelton ave to market.