Comments for “Boise Central Bench Neighborhood Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan”

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  1. Open-uri20130711-27835-11msg2n?1373526392

    Added June 22 2012

    There seems to be some parents wanting sidewalks in this area-they have not invested the many years here of our family. We all managed to walk safely to school without the speed laws they have now--we think that the walking path painted on fairfield is a great way to protect the kids without destroying the neighborhood design and trees.. If they care about the kids so much--why did they move to an area without sidewalks??I know this neighborhood--I grew up here.

  2. Stringio

    Added June 22 2012

    It would make more sense to put in speed bumps ALL the way to Cole and a bike lane on one side than to put in sidewalks. Family members live in a sidewalked subdivision--people still walk and bike in the street, people park up on the sidewalks, and crazy drivers sometimes come up on the sidewalks to scare the kids--they are not the end-all solution

  3. Stringio

    Added June 22 2012

    The Randolph-Robertson subdivision doesn't need sidewalks that will cost the homeowners large losses of mature landscaping that cannot be replaced easily. The cost of the sidewalks will be too much for a lot of residences on fixes and retirement incomes. Maintainance of the sidewalks in the winter time would also be a major problem for many of the elderly residents in this area.

  4. Stringio

    Added June 22 2012

    Speed bumps are needed on McMullen to slow down the neighborhood traffic going in and out of the subdivision. Borah drivers are always driving too fast when going to and from school. Speed bumps would help to slow the traffic to a reasonable speed. Also, stop sign is needed at McMullen and Holiday.

  5. Stringio

    Added June 22 2012

    In very recent years a few people on the rim of Randolph Robertson have been pushing a sidewalks agenda despite the fact that many of the neighbors DO NOT WANT SIDEWALKS and don't need them. This would totally change the configuration of the land from this 50's subdivision which was created in a swirling pattern. Most of us would lose half of our front yards to cement and it would messup vegetation and irrigation pipes. These few sidewalkers have been told by several of us that we don't need them as there are plenty of bikers and walkers without sidewalks already. It would be better to put in speed bumps. Our main sidewalked street is Hummel and that had a death from a car going up ON THE SIDEWALK years ago. It also is presently working to have the crossing guard at Aurora and the painted lines from Grace Jordon for the kids to walk in down Fairfield. Those who want sidewalks so badly could have moved to an area WITH sidewalks instead of picking our neighborhood where the design was carefully laid out without them.

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    Added June 22 2012

    We were promised speed bumps in this z shaped area almost 25 years ago--the kids speed going to Borah as do many adults after they turn onto the Holiday stretch. Kids try to do stunts at the corner of Holiday and randolph especially when there is sand from snow. We have had several cars upside down, or flying onto our land in the last 30 years and put in railroad ties to protect us. There have been the same accidents at the corner of McMullen and Holiday and In the street of Holiday in this same block long stretch. There also needs to be a stop sign at the McMullen location because McMullen proceeds to the east and those turning from Holiday don't always realise that traffic can be proceeding to the east..

  7. Stringio

    Added June 22 2012

    Again an area that needs better bike protection when going up and down the steep hill.We tend to use Aurora when going to the 2nd bench on bikes.

  8. Stringio

    Added June 22 2012

    Curtis is very dangerous for walking and biking when going up or down from the bench.. We understand plans have been made and will be implemented soon.

  9. Stringio

    Added June 21 2012

    I agree wholeheartedly with the comments about reducing the speed of traffic going around the curve from Capital Blvd to Crescent Rim. However the sidewalk also definitely needs widened. No matter what, this is going to be a heavily used path between downtown & the bench.

  10. Stringio

    Added June 20 2012

    Sidewalk on Rand Street from Kirkwood to Grassmere. This project will help children walking to Grace Jordan Elementary. Please put sidewalk on the west side of Rand and connect it to the existing sidewalks on Grassmere and Kirkwood.

  11. Stringio

    Added June 15 2012


  12. Stringio

    Added June 15 2012

    This area needs a SAFE bike lane for the kids having to cross to get to South.

  13. Stringio

    Added June 15 2012

    Drivers are blind going around this corner in either direction. Needs a sidewalk on both Annett and Targee to make it safer for pedestrians.

  14. Stringio

    Added June 12 2012

    Just completing (connecting) existing sidewalks in the area would be helpful! I walk several miles daily in the area around Curtis/Orchard/Targee and there are many areas where sidewalks stop and start.

  15. Stringio

    Added June 09 2012

    Orchard is way too busy and the two lanes in each direction only encourage speeding. Put in a center turn lane & make it one lane in each direction with bike lanes/good sidewalks.

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    Added June 09 2012

    It is time for a signal light or 4way stop sign at this very busy intersection. Cross traffic between River & Capital is heavy & motorists often seem confused about whether they should stop or not when there are people waiting to cross. This is a major crossing for ped/bike traffic between the greenbelt & downtown.

  17. Stringio

    Added June 09 2012

    Connectivity between Central Bench & downtown/greenbelt is a problem. I am forced to bike up & down the sidewalk on the curve across from the Train Depot b/c traffic comes flying around that corner & there is nowhere to go. Besides the narrow sidewalk & overhanging shrubs, it is dangerous for pedestrians b/c of all the cyclists. If we could calm the traffic on that corner that leads up to Crescent Rim & get the cyclists safely on the street (where we belong), then peds could use the sidewalk w/o fear of getting run down. More and BIGGER speedbumps would be a good start.

  18. Stringio

    Added June 09 2012

    Heavy traffic combined with offset intersection & a curve makes for dangerous crossing. Many cyclists/peds need to get across Rose Hill between Shoshone and Peasley and getting across is a challenge. The crosswalk is useless as motorists ignore it. Either a crossing signal or even a light to turn from Peasley or Shoshone is needed. I go thru this almost everyday and people go way too fast down Rose Hill.

  19. Stringio

    Added June 09 2012

    Please consider bike lanes on both sides of Americana. Traffic moves fast and close, making hazardous riding conditions for bicyclists.

  20. Stringio

    Added June 09 2012

    Sidewalks on Roosevelt

  21. Stringio

    Added June 08 2012

    No sidewalks, no bike lanes make it feel less safe to walk and bike... either would be great!

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    Added May 31 2012

    There is not a good way to get across State Street to the Greenbelt via the neighborhood off Moore St., without riding on the sidewalk.

  23. Open-uri20130711-27835-mnkpan?1373526394

    Added May 31 2012

    Bike lane heading North on Capital needs to be continued up to the Capital Building. Cars turning right on Main and cars parking between Main and Idaho make biking very dangerous. The sidewalks are too crowded to add bikers to the mix.

  24. Open-uri20130711-27835-1owrps2?1373526394

    Added May 31 2012

    Corner of Broadway and Jefferson is very dangerous for bikers headed West or East. There is no shoulder and bikers are crowded by cars turning left onto Fort.

  25. Open-uri20130711-27835-tf08em?1373526394

    Added May 31 2012

    Jefferson needs a bike lane, specifically from 11th to 18th.