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  1. Stringio

    Added June 21 2017

    Snows Road between glory hole drive and camino school needs to be repaved. The top of Snows near the bee keeper needs repaving and also barriers along the side of the road. Many accidents on that corner because of uneven and bumpy pavement

  2. Stringio

    Added September 28 2015

    The intersection of Bass Lake and Country Club is becoming dangerous. Maybe a stop light? or turn lanes? Traffic during commute and when church lets out is big. Cars dart out from Country Club onto Bass Lake Road.

  3. Stringio

    Added September 24 2015

    Latrobe Road needs a bike lane on both sides of the road

  4. Stringio

    Added September 24 2015

    Silva Valley Parkway - needs a bike lane on both sides of the road

  5. Stringio

    Added September 19 2015

    Please consider work on the HWy 49 end of Sand Ridge Rd. It is not 2 lanes wide in some areas and it continues to crumble away at the edges.

  6. Stringio

    Added September 03 2015

    The multiple stoplights and offset intersections are highly dangerous, especially at commute times and when Ponderosa High School is in session. The 76 station has made things worse, as drivers regularly ignore the no-left-turn sign to enter, or ignore the signal as they exit, treating it like a driveway when it in fact has a traffic signal regulating flow.

  7. Stringio

    Added September 03 2015

    This intersection is horrific! We need better traffic flow either with better synchronization of the lights or a round about.

  8. Stringio

    Added September 03 2015

    Pleasant valley town to hwy 50

    Placerville to Auburn

  9. Stringio

    Added September 03 2015

    Need more traffic capacity at this multiple intersection area.

  10. Stringio

    Added September 02 2015

    Better timed lights

  11. Stringio

    Added September 02 2015

    This a a general request regarding maintenance and bicycle safety: More attention needs to be focused on maintaining the shoulders (i.e.,crumbling asphalt edges and the lack of aggregate shoulder backing) along roads within the County. It is not uncommon to encounter drop-offs at the EOP of 8-12" or more and broken asphalt beyond the fog line along any of our roads. Our roads are dangerous enough for bicycles (and cars) with fast cars, narrow lanes and minimal to nonexistent paved shoulders without having to also worry about potentially fatal accidents from hugging the shoulder and dropping off the edge. Even just implementing a compacted shoulder backing maintenance program would be a vast improvement over what is out there now. More people would utilize El Dorado County roads for cycling if their lives weren't in danger every time they cycle. This would not only benefit cyclists but also reduce overall road maintenance costs by preventing erosion, EOP failures and roadway subgrade degradation. (And yes, I know what I'm talking about. I was in the heavy construction and asphalt paving industry for 35 years.)

  12. Stringio

    Added September 02 2015

    Green Valley Road from Mira Loma to North Shingle has several blind turns and many driveways and side streets plus the school. Traffic moves very fast and it is dangerous to pull out or slow down to turn. Need to straighten out some curves and create left turn pockets to reduce hazardous conditions.

  13. Stringio

    Added September 02 2015

    Greenstone Road from Highway 50 to Green Valley is too narrow and twisting with no shoulders making it very dangerous.

  14. Stringio

    Added September 02 2015

    Greenstone Road at the bridge is very narrow and has seen many accidents including a double fatal a few years ago.

  15. Stringio

    Added September 02 2015

    Buckeye Road is very narrow and congested in front of the Montessori schools.

  16. Stringio

    Added September 02 2015

    Ponderosa Overcross on Highway 50

  17. Stringio

    Added September 02 2015

    Traffic at Cameron Park Dr. and the HWY50 off ramp needs to be improved.

  18. Stringio

    Added August 31 2015

    The cumulative impacts of increased traffic on Cameron Park Drive require your
    attention. According to the Department of Transportation traffic counts, our
    neighborhood has sustained a greater than 16 percent increase in average trips per
    day since 1999 on an already burdened connector. (While 2013 data is not currently
    shown, based on the trend, we expect that the percentage is actually higher.) This
    increase has brought an intolerable level of noise and road hazards that cannot
    continue to be ignored.
    As the traffic counts increased, the vehicle types travelling the road also changed. The
    greater proportion of commercial trucks, large pick-up trucks, vans, SUV's, and off-road
    tires barrelling down the road exacerbate the noise impact. Many vehicles well exceed
    the 45 mph posted speed limit.
    We have lived in our home near the intersection of Alhambra Drive and Cameron Park
    Drive since 1993. Ours is a sloping, established residential neighborhood between
    Camerado Drive and La Canada Drive. In 1993 the greatest noise came from the fire
    department directly across the street and the aircraft overhead. The traffic noise has
    well surpassed both of these, far exceeding the 60 decible threshhold established
    by the General Plan.
    In recent years, several large commercial and residential developments brought
    significant cumulative increases. Although signals were installed at three intersections,
    such installations only allow the traffic to flow more efficiently, and do nothing to
    address the delitorious impacts to residents living near the roadway.
    A recent pavement overlay of Cameron Park Drive in this section neglected to install
    rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC), a noise reducing measure favored by many
    jurisdictions for its federal subsidies.
    We ask that the County mitigate the mounting noise and safety impacts of the
    commercial and residential developments. At a minimum, the residents who have
    sustained losses in property value, use, and enjoyment resulting from these impacts
    deserve quiet pavement and a sound wall in this corridor. A reduced speed limit would
    help to decrease noise while increasing safety. Finally, as numerous fire station
    personnel with whom I've spoken would attest, a turn-lane and traffic signal are needed
    to allow traffic to safely enter the intersection.
    Please contact me if you have any questions.
    Peter S. Brewster, PLS

  19. Stringio

    Added August 31 2015

    This off/ramp on/ramp at hwy 50 and Cameron Park Drive is no longer capable of managing the freeway traffic that it is currently experiencing due to the large commercial centers located at this exit. Thank You! I do believe this exit requires a clover leaf configuration along with other improvements with the overpass.

  20. Stringio

    Added August 31 2015

    Spring Street, Placerville--is just awful with deep divets, potholes, bad pavement overlay, which actually throws a vehicle around, posing a danger to oncoming traffic and negotiating the downhill curve near the Shakespeare Club.

  21. Stringio

    Added August 31 2015


  22. Stringio

    Added August 28 2015

    West Green Springs & Malcolm Dixon needs to be realigned so they meet at Green Valley Road & a turn lane needs to be installed in both directions.

  23. Stringio

    Added August 26 2015

    A stop sign is needed at the intersection of Meder Road and Rosebud. We have had several car accidents at this intersection this year.

  24. Stringio

    Added August 26 2015

    Why is the Taxi Voucher Program taking so long to implement and how will it be implemented ?
    EDH is the growing home of senior and yet we don't have public transportaiton

  25. Stringio

    Added August 26 2015

    The intersection of Loch Way and Green Valley Road needs some type of traffic control or dedicated turn lanes. Numerous accidents occur each year at this intersection, with most accidents happening on westbound traffic since there is no left turn lane onto Loch away from Green Valley.