Comments for “Baltimore City Bicycle Pavement Issues”

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  1. Open-uri20130717-27835-1mh3ckk?1374063586

    Added December 26 2012

    Missing utility cover

  2. Open-uri20130717-27835-s0kjiv?1374063586

    Added December 15 2012

    Park Ave. between Madison and Read Street needs repaving badly

  3. Open-uri20130717-27835-1ganfpr?1374063586

    Added December 15 2012

    Two giant dents that look like a bus pulled into soft asphalt are here. I personally destroyed a wheel rim in one of these.

  4. Open-uri20130717-27835-2sqw0a?1374063586

    Added December 14 2012

    very rough uneven and cracked pavement along the bike lane on northbound and southbound of roland ave from north ave to cold spring.

  5. Open-uri20130717-27835-1piiqyk?1374063586

    Added December 14 2012

    Lots of cracks/small hole in pavement, very uneven, bumpy

  6. Open-uri20130717-27835-y4t72h?1374063586

    Added December 14 2012

    Potholes and cracked pavement all over greenmount from 30th up to university pkwy

  7. Stringio

    Added December 13 2012

    Bumpy road for cyclists in both directions right here. Southern side of intersection only.

  8. Open-uri20130717-27835-191fr22?1374063586

    Added December 13 2012

    unsafe storm grates on guilford

  9. Open-uri20130717-27835-133dqbw?1374063586

    Added December 12 2012

    Need traffic calming on Keswick to equalize speeds between cars and bikes. The speed humps there aren't enough.

  10. Open-uri20130717-27835-11g34rn?1374063587

    Added December 12 2012

    Between 20th and 25th Streets on Charles Ave - poor lighting conditions at night. It's almost pitch black. Need more ped lighting so it's safer to bike at night.

  11. Stringio

    Added December 12 2012

    Large hump in pavement (right side of right lane, eastbound)

  12. Stringio

    Added September 19 2012

    This railroad crossing is so dangerous! Car traffic, in both directions, serve completely out of the through traffic lane, into what should be a pedestrian & bike crossing lane. There are no Street lights anywhere near the crossing. There is a huge amount of discarded broken glass, sharp fasteners from the curb across the shoulder and edging into the through traffic lane. The Shoulder pavement is broken and heaving, with several spots that sand & slit buildup from storms. All of this make commuting on Boston from the 3600 block to 4500 block very dangerous.

  13. Open-uri20130717-27835-plfiog?1374063587

    Added May 08 2012

    Someone decided to Catain James Restaurant parking lot a left turn lane, on west bound Aliceanna. The vehicles making that left turn always are speeding, always cuts the corner off, the eastbound traffic also dive into the corner. So now I MUST take the ENTIRE lane, for my own safety.

    PLEASE! RE-THINK this!

  14. Stringio

    Added May 08 2012

    Two points! One, the blacktop re-pavement on the crossing, of 4 years ago, needs to be done again. Until that happens, lane paint needs to be re-applied regularly, and some enforcement would be nice. Motorized vehicles swerve way out of the lane, to the right, like a entire car width.

  15. Open-uri20130717-27835-1rotidd?1374063587

    Added January 30 2012

    A lot of potholes in the southbound President St lane. The cyclist is forced to enter the traffic lane to navigate around them.

  16. Open-uri20130717-27835-1121zhl?1374063587

    Added January 30 2012

    The southbound bike lane has to cross an access road for the hotel. Lots of danger here for the cyclist. Perhaps continue the painted bike lane across this access road.

  17. Stringio

    Added January 04 2012

    Manhole flooding water, year around in the east bound lane. The whole width of the lane, and shoulder is a sheet of ice, approximately 100 feet long. The sidewalk is generally covered with all sorts of sharpies, as is most of the shoulder.

  18. Open-uri20130717-27835-f33lh5?1374063587

    Added October 20 2011

    Visibility on this contra-flow bike lane is extremely poor. Cyclists risk head-on collisions with other vehicles.

  19. Open-uri20130717-27835-1xkj52g?1374063587

    Added October 14 2011

    Cobblestone and streetcar tracks that run across intersection on Wicomico St. make it difficult for narrow bike tires.

  20. Open-uri20130717-27835-rx0a0j?1374063587

    Added October 13 2011

    Basically, this entire stretch between 33rd and up to Charles St. on E. University is a pothole disaster area. Although the water main is undergoing repair, that is not the origin of this issue. Repaving is definitely a must.

  21. Open-uri20130717-27835-1o7gn9q?1374063588

    Added October 11 2011

    Charles St. pipe (?) project has torn up an already rough road and left things too uneven to be safe for many riders.

  22. Open-uri20130717-27835-llqqgx?1374063588

    Added October 11 2011

    Road gets extremely dicey with cracks and potholes going Westbound.

  23. Open-uri20130717-27835-1r8fa7s?1374063588

    Added October 05 2011

    Loading dock conflict with bike lane. Something should be done to remedy this. It's a tough one.

  24. Open-uri20130717-27835-tnlcbf?1374063588

    Added October 05 2011

    We see cars get sideswiped literally every other week on SE Ave. at cross streets due to poor sight lines and excessive speed on SE ave. Residents have been asking for stop signs on SE Ave. on ever block for decades. Recomend make intersections 4-way stops and narrow SE ave. slightly. Add bulb-outs to intersection sidewalks.

  25. Open-uri20130717-27835-l4cja2?1374063588

    Added October 05 2011

    No Sidewalks on most sections of S. Haven Street in Canton, despite high-speed truck traffic and frequent pedestrian traffic. This is simply unacceptable